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    How many forums have you been banned from?

    That is what I'm talking about... Heh. It's not really that I find it addictive or that it leads to procrastination. I just don't like how I feel after a bit of conflict, even if it is just online BS. I'm a bit of a wimp really.
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    Rainbow monkey penis

    Yeh really. It'd probably be really helpful if paedophiles actually were as easy to spot as rainbow dildo monkeys.
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    How many forums have you been banned from?

    Does it count if you ban yourself? I'm always putting my foot down on myself.
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    Music ideas for game night

    This is pretty smart planning ahead like this. We always seem to just youtube search "sci-fi horror music" or whatever depending on the theme of the game we're playing. The results actually haven't been bad
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    So are people going to finally admit the shit about the ok hand sign is stupid?

    I used to care. Obviously your eyes are gonna roll when someone invokes OCD after checking something twice (often followed with a "I'm mad aren't I!?") when you know you've just spent the better part of an hour trying to leave the house and you're still thinking about it even though you've...
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    SPORTS BALL!!! v2.0

    Yep. Suns beat the Lakers and all the media can talk about the next day is "what next for LeBron and the Lakers?", and extensive lists of all the mega-stars like Lillard they need to acquire before next season... Better to just turn it off.
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    SPORTS BALL!!! v2.0

    I bet the league's pretty upset is Suns vs Bucks. I think it's nice to have new faces in the finals, but I haven't really been watching earnestly for a few years now. I don't really enjoy the new 3-point meta, I think it's pretty boring to watch.
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    Share some things that make you smile!

    You successfully started a bit of an obsession for me here. Been plowing through this channel's content whilst painting and loving it. Ta.
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    What have you purchased recently?

    I actually went kinda big with treating myself a couple of weeks ago.
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    Neil Druckman tries to mobilise TLOU 2 fans to vote for it for player choice in The Game Awards Player vote category

    I put the awards show on last night and almost immediately fell asleep.
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    Cummings and goings: Dominic's legacy to unite a nation

    I'm not really feeling the outrage on this one.
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    The changing of opinions for Star Wars: How the New Trilogy stack up

    I only saw the Force Awakens. I didn't think much of it so never felt the need to see more. Maybe someday.
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    Do you want Half life 3 to be VR or traditional game?

    VR. I think games that have me moving rather than being sat in a chair are a very good thing, and I'm not exactly hurting for non-VR games to play.
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    How has your quarantine/lockdown been going?

    Not so great, tbh. My little business is in limbo and I'm going stir crazy. I've had problems for a long time with my mental health and total lack of attention span or ability to sit still. I always filled the time with sports and guitar. So... I'm playing a lot of guitar.
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Album You've Listened To

    I was listening to Rust in Peace this morning. It's a well known genre classic that has lots of fantastic guitar playing in it, and a polarising singer.