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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Dog Reaction Was a Surprise to Activision

    The fans weren't showing their love for the dog, they were making fun of it. Is that seriously not apparent?
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    Don't Shoot Food: How to Turn that "Friend" Into Girl Gamer Bait

    Not very impressed with this article. Despite repeatedly harping on treating the friend like a person, there are several lines which seem demeaning and degrading to women, and whether intentional or not (though it seems pretty intentional to me), the article as a whole seems to be about tricking...
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    Gay Scene Cut From UK Torchwood

    When something gets banned from TV, my immediate reaction is to go watch it, and I know I'm not alone in that. Censorship is silly, not to mention it happens to be a bit of a dick move in this case.
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    BioWare Unveils New Muscle-Bound Mass Effect 3 Character

    His face looks kinda derpy, but I like what's happening from the neck down.
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    Poll: Male reproductive rights

    That's a much better case. I imagine it would be pretty tragic to see a woman abort a child you wanted - but again, what are you going to do? Force her to carry a child she resents in her body for 9 months? Also pretty horrific.
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    Poll: Male reproductive rights

    Ideally both parties are in agreement about whether or not they want to conceive, but obviously that's not possible in all situations. The "conception contract" sounds like a good idea in theory, but in reality it would be pretty barbaric. What happens when you have a happily pregnant woman and...
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    Do girls like men who can cook?

    I'd prefer a man who could cook simply because I can't, though it's not a dating requirement by any means. I'd certainly never complain or tease a man for making me a meal. Honestly, I think anyone who feels the need to question a man's masculinity is pretty pathetic. As if men don't have...
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    No 'Him' or 'Her' in Preschool. Wait, what?

    While I generally agree with what this school is trying to do, I disagree with removing fairy tales like Cinderella and whatnot. The whole point of gender neutralization/equality/whatever is to allow people choice when they forge their gender identity. If you remove the option to be girly and...
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    You are now the opposite gender.

    I would argue that people who say otherwise aren't being overly literal, but are rather recognizing that there are large groups of people out there who have complex gender identities and don't necessarily fit into the regular everyday gender binaries.
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    You are now the opposite gender.

    You can still get socked in the boob. I've obviously never been on the other side of the fence, but I imagine it's the equivalent.
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    You are now the opposite gender.

    Thank god. Now I don't have to put up with periods anymore, that shit was ridiculous. Err.. That's assuming that when OP say "gender" they really meant "sex". You mean I get off the hook when it comes to watching FIM because I have ladyparts? Sweet, all this time I was embarrassed because I...