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    Expect 100 GB Install Size, 6 GB Patches For Star Citizen

    Elite: Dangerous was around 30GB, and it was a world the size of our ENTIRE GALAXY. This better be the real-life size of a galaxy super-cluster at the very least.
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    Who's Your "Spirit Villain"?

    I would be as well. I however, have Tormund Giantsbane []
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    What's the story of your avatar?

    I'm a huge fan of Abney Park, and I found this promo of Captain Robert. Honestly, how can a pipe-smoking steampunk airship pirate NOT be awesome?
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    What's your avatar about

    Captain Robert Brown of Abney Park. That is all.
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    Escapist Expo: Cosplay Contest

    So that's where Sona went...woman went mid and bailed last night.
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    So "this" happened again.

    There are several self-defense courses that teach how to handle this situation, usually some form of turning and pushing the mugger away while opening the range up for a draw of the pistol. OT: I've been on the receiving end of two mugging attempts, and both times came from me walking home...
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    Miracle of Sound: Beneath the Black Flag (Assassin's Creed IV)

    Great song. The only thing I'm waiting on now is a Spotify release so I can listen to it at work.
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    Might send some off to see how it goes. Look for judasmerrick in the coming day or so.
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    Favorite type of aircraft

    A f*cking plus, sir! My personal all-time favorite aircraft. The A-10 is the only aircraft that even a picture of its front end can scare me.
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    Miracle of Sound: Half Man's Song (Game of Thrones)

    Don't worry yourself too much. I haven't seen any of Game of Thrones, and I still think this is one of his best pieces.
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    ''Wait... they're voiced by the same person?!''

    Don't forget the Gray Fox and the Arena Announcer.
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    ''Wait... they're voiced by the same person?!''

    Don't forget Sgt. Foley from the Modern Warfare series. OT: Also (for the Red vs. Blue fans): Is voiced by the same person who voiced: Who would be:
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    Feed Dump: Trolls, Snakes and Honey Badgers

    I love how Alex was the first to suggest the sledge.
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    The Best Big YouTubers.

    I tend to keep updated on Acheivement Hunter's "Let's Play Minecraft" [] series. Other than that, the biggest YouTuber I watch is either Boy in a Band [] (93K subs, 19mil views,) or Dan Bull...
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    Doing research on smoking; Please answer my poll!

    Here you go: 1. Gender- Male 2. Age- 22 3. Continent you currently live in- N. America 4. Do you use nicotine-products?- Yes 5. Ciqarettes, pipe, ciqars or snuff?- Cigars primarily, Pipes as well 6. If you knew you could stop using nicotine-products painlessly without the risk of...