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    8 Post-Apocalyptic Games Worth Playing

    Picking entire series for some entries and then picking only Fallout 4 and praising Bethesda and ignoring the only good Fallout games (1, 2 & Tactics). I am sad. Oh, I would put The Age of Decadence on the list for sure.
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    8 Great Games Still Coming Out in 2016

    Tis pretty amazing Total Warhammer missed the list. Only thing on the list I'm lookin forward to is Deus Ex
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    Where is John Constantine When We Need Him?

    I read all of Hellblazer and was quite sad when it came to end. Never got around to checking out anything of the new incarnation though... sounds like I haven't missed much.
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    Zero Punctuation: XCOM 2

    You crazy Yahtzee. XCOM2 is better in every way compared to Enemy Unknown, and I loved Enemy Unknown. Also, check out all the workshop mods (i know i know, relying on modders to fix your game for you is ehh...) because there are tons and tons of custom voice packs, little tweaks (like timers...
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    EA is "on a Journey" to Regain PC Gamer Trust

    EA says this every year and yet I still don't buy any of their shit. The only thing they are good at is destroying good developers. R.I.P. Westwood (proper dead), Bioware (shell of its former self), Maxis (doesn't do anything interesting any more) and DICE (nothing but rushed battlefield games)...
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    Will DRM Finally Beat Piracy? Notorious Cracking Forum Says Yes

    I find that part interesting. The groups who crack most games are not seeking profits and the vast majority of pirates aren't going to pay launch day prices for the game regardless... so why would it make any difference to the pirate whether they get the game for free on day 1 or 2 months later...
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    Zero Punctuation: Fallout 4

    Since when is New Vegas the best of the series? The argument has always been between 1 and 2 (i vote 2).
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    8 Things that Would Make Fallout 4 Awesome

    I will forever hate bethesda for their "feral ghouls" in fallout 3. Seriously, what the fuck? Their explanation for putting zombies into fallout was "their brains rotted so much they attack everything!" except that they don't attack each other... so clearly their brains aren't rotted that bad...
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    Honest Game Trailers: Fallout 3

    Hey now... Fallout Tactics is actually an excellent Fallout game. It knew that it wasn't Fallout 3 and never claimed to be. It told a good story, was fun to play and was true to the setting. No it isn't as good as Fallout 1 or 2, but like I said, it knew it wasn't a sequel to those, rather a...
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    8 Video Games Everyone Needs To Play

    Ugh. Fallout 3... destroying my favourite franchise and making it to lists like this. Bleh. Skyrim also bleh. Bethesda in general is just bleh :/ The rest of the list is OK I guess... no RTS at all on there though; no C&C or Total War. oh well.
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    Legend of Korra Book 4 Premiere Surprisingly Close

    I thought Season 3 was the best all around season of Korra yet. I agree the equalist thing from season 1 had a lot of potential but ended kinda weak with the reveal of the big bad kinda killing off the movement. Oh well. I'm looking forward to season 4.
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    EA: We Never Want to Be Named Worst U.S. Company Again

    Sounds nice. But we won't see EA releasing their PC games for anything but origin and they will continue to put in $100+ of DLC for every game including day 1 DLC... so they can just keep talking and I'll just keep on not buying. Not worth it to do business with EA.
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    Steam Revokes 7,000 Stolen Sniper Elite 3 Keys

    why are legit sites selling stolen keys? if customers are finding really cheap steam cd keys of a brand new game then they should be suspicious. At any rate, if the companies that sold the stolen keys are legitimate companies then if anyone should be offering refunds it is them. If they know...
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    What anime got you into anime?

    Was working night shifts and one of the other guys got us all to watch Trigun during our breaks... We've been friends ever since and I've been huge into anime ever since.
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    BioWare Reveals Most Used Cmdr. Shepard Names in Mass Effect

    What the? Does this mean I'm the only one who played as Rhinoceros Shepard? How could that not be the most popular name?!