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    i want fallout 5 to be in russia

    People keep asking for this shit, and my response keeps being the same: Fallout is a satire of Americana. The very premise is inseparable from America and American culture. If you want a Fallout set outside of America then you don't want Fallout, because the series to its very core, even now...
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    Is Bloodborne Genius?

    Dark Souls is good because its was an "action game" that rewarded observation and having a good plan, something which was unheard of at the time, which is why it became a cult hit. It was the antidote to brain dead action games. Bloodborne is completely antithetical to that design philosophy...
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    Over 1,800 Gaming Professionals Condemn Hate Speech in Open Letter

    Meanwhile, the trolls are furiously masturbating at all the attention they've received, and the games media and game devs alike get to have a guilt-free self-congratulatory wank over how they sure set those nasty gamers on the straight and narrow with the power of their self-righteous indignation.
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    Im super proud of 4chan.

    The fact remains that /v/ is the vast majority of the income for TFYC, i.e. more than everybody in this forum and every "game journalist" combined. What has the games media done? They refuse to talk about it because it doesn't fit their narrative. Remember, unless its something to get...
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    Rumor: Warner Bros. Imposes "No Jokes" Rule On DC Comics Movies

    Its official people, satire is dead. Warner Bros killed it. The concept of a No Jokes rule is seriously something even the Onion would think is too on-the-nose.
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    How much would you pay for better games journalism?

    Can we stop fucking calling game "journalism" journalism now? Its not journalism and it never has been. People need to start calling it what it is, "game industry hype machine". Taking a press release and reposting it in full with an added paragraph of verbal diarrhea is not journalism.
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    On the Subject of Kojima and del Toro on Silent Hills

    Its also retarded to expect a series like Silent Hill to be 100% super cereal all the time. This is a series where having an ending where a fucking UFO abducts you is a tradition. SH2 had an ending where a fucking DOG was responsible for everything.
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    On the Subject of Kojima and del Toro on Silent Hills

    For all the shit Kojima (rightfully) gets for his stories and dialog, people like to forget that he's still one of the best game designers in the world. To me the pairing of Del Toro and Kojima makes perfect sense. Del Toro is an amazing writer and Kojima is an amazing designer. The strengths of...
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    Silent Hills on PS4 just made me shit myself

    Its not a demo. Its literally an ARG made in the Fox Engine made for the sole purpose of revealing Silent Hill at the end. As such, its the most cryptic shit imaginable. Its still scary I guess, but there is a huge disclaimer at the end basically saying "THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL GAME." So yeah.
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    BioWare's Latest Franchise is Not Quite What We Expected

    So its Evolve but with magic. Fucking lol, let the clones come I guess. Instead of something interesting like survival horror, they're jumping on the L4D co-op bandwagon. Bioware, you can take your multiplayer and fuck off.
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    Would you play a new or remastered KOTOR game?

    Great. Now this thread has me imagining a KOTOR made by an EA subsidiary. I think I'll go cry myself to sleep now.
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    Twitch now scans VODs for copyrighted material

    Welp this is an absolutely great opportunity for other streaming sites to gain some serious traffic. Hitbox, Azubu? Now is their chance to seriously force some mass migrations away from Twitch. All they need is some good business sense. Hell even MLG's shitty streaming service stands to gain a...
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    Homefront Development Snatched From Crytek, Given to New Studio - Update

    I'm more sorry for Crytek USA (aka formerly Vigil Games). All the staff are being laid off. I mean Holy Fuck. Those guys absolutely cannot catch a break.
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    Poll: Fallout 3 or New Vegas

    It all depends on what you want. If all you want is the typical Bethesda schpiel (i.e. an RPG in name only, where nothing you do matters, a cool looking world that makes no sense if you stop and think for 5 seconds, etc.) with a post-apocalyptic flavor, basically the Elder Scrolls with guns...
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    SDCC 2014: Marvel Reveals Ant-Man Characters, Story

    Well Lang IS a mechanic turned thief. So at least they got that going for them. Which is nice. Other than that though, its likely the movie will turn out to be a disaster due to executive meddling.