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    Zero Punctuation: Dead Space 3

    "I wonder if there's a name for that?" A Waste of Space. (slow clap for genuine cleverness)
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    Jimquisition: Rape vs. Murder

    The self-defense angle, I must admit, while glaringly obvious, was something I never thought about as opposed to the "murder victims literally don't have to live with being killed ex post facto" dichotomy that usually gets brought up. It always irks me when I hear gamers use "rape" when they...
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    Jimquisition: Why Do People Hate EA?

    I used to be one of those guys who defended the publishers left and right, using the "they're a business, what do you expect?" defense, and while I mostly stand by it, I don't shout it out as loudly as I once may have. It's no surprise to me that Hollywood is out of touch with the regular...
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    Feed Dump: Child Protective Services

    Ash is sporting the Baroness' evil/sexy librarian look and is wearing a Decepticon pendant. I think I need to be by myself for a while (except for Ash, lords above willing).
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    The Big Picture: Last Starr

    If there's ever a live action version of Bravestarr, I hope Jimmy Smits is picked as the Marshal himself. Bob, you've perfectly captured and summarized everything Filmation and 80s animation in general was about. As far as the action show/censorship dichotomy goes, I wouldn't mind hearing...
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    Feed Dump: Your Very Own Prom

    Kate needs to make diadems a regular part of her daily wardrobe; they look really, really good on her.
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    Feed Dump: Nugget Handshakes

    You're discussing non-contact greetings and not one of you, not a damned one of you, brings up the Demolition Man high five? Shame! Turn in your geek badges and allow the door to firmly pound your backsides as you exit.
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    Zero Punctuation: NeverDead

    Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who thought of the Immortal Soldier from The Storyteller when Yahtzee mentioned his time travel plan: "If it's a sack, then, by the grace of God, GET IN IT!"
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    Is it that hard to find a virgin?

    That was my high school life, unless sipping champagne at New Years counts as drinking. As for seeking people who've never had sex before, it's pretty much a lost cause. For starters, how can you tell (apart from asking)? Second, do you really expect them to be honest with you about it...
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    What is your favorite anime series?

    Here's a Top 5: El-Hazard (especially Wanderers) Sakura Wars Ah! My Goddess Xam'd: Lost Memories Gunparade March Honorable mention: Genshiken
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    What are you doing right NOW?

    I'm waiting for my roommate to get up so we can watch the last three episodes of Air Gear on Netflix, occupying myself in the meantime with this imagined dialogue following the latest MovieBob stinger: Me: Bob? Bob: Yeah? Me: What year is it? Bob: 2011, why? Me: ... Bob: I did it...
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    So do you ever type out a post and then change your mind and delete it?

    I don't do it that often, but only because I tend to sweat over every word I write anyway, regardless of what it is (even this reply, to a somewhat lesser degree). Frankly, I wish more people would; at least they'd be thinking about what they write before they hit "post." I keep hearing...
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    Portal nearly made me barf... Any games nearly make you barf?

    The first-person view is my only hangup about the Portal games (that's why I stick to the 2D flash version ;P ). Most FPSs don't really bother me, but when you put spatial distortion into it, it's really hard to watch, especially if you've got a big screen like I do.
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    New US ISP sanctioned/controlled piracy database will mean the end to internet privacy.

    I actually had this happen to me just a few weeks ago. I don't pirate, and I'm firmly against it, but that doesn't stop others from taking advantage of my wi-fi (which didn't have any sort of passkey set up because of a re-tweaking of its setup I had to do some months back). I get a postcard in...
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    Sony Exec Blasts Microsoft for Content Policy

    Oh, don't get me wrong, I have Tatsunoko and I love it (I debated mentioning A Shadow's Tale and Limbo, but that's more of a stretch). I also love Dead Space Extraction. It's not that the games are inferior versions of better games (except chop til you drop), just that they're a different...