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    Why I Love Furries

    Well said! Of course, fursuiting is itself just one segment of the overall fandom, though easily the most visible.
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    Nintendo Announces Female Version of Link, 'Linkle,' for Hyrule Warriors Legends

    Was it just too hard to name her Linka? I look forward to our brave heroine Linka coming to the aid of Prince Zeldan.
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    The Care & Feeding of Your Paintbrush

    Love the article, so nice to see traditional gaming subject matter covered here. Plus I can always use a reminder on how to treat my brushes better.
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    Wraith: The Oblivion is One Game You Have to Play to Believe

    Bought Wraith, read it cover to cover, got together with friends and all made characters based off slightly older versions of ourselves at the time and then all became immediately depressed by the idea of dying and being dead. So it worked beautifully for delivering a shock to the system of a...
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    Celebrate World of Warcraft's 10th Anniversary With a Return to Molten Core

    If anything, doing MC with 40 people showed you that the encounters really weren't designed to require 40 people. That is, if you had 20 people on the ball doing what needed to be done, the other 20 almost didn't matter, assuming they weren't so inadequate as to sabotage the rest of the group...
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    Troubled Games Workshop Appoints New CEO for 2015

    I tried for years to keep up with the changes, but I wasn't playing very often, mostly collecting. After finding myself swapping out my rulebook and codex for the third time since I last played, each time feeling more frequent than the last, I decided enough was enough. I can't even justify...
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    D&D Movie Lawsuit Will Proceed to Trial

    Never have quite understood why anyone would want to make a movie about a game which emulates the action and stories of fantasy fiction. Just make a movie about a particular property, or a novel based on that. Most of which are pretty terrible themselves, but nothing on par with the awfulness...
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    Zombies Are The Only Things Missing: America's Abandoned Shopping Malls

    There are lots of reasons that malls are failing, but not all of them are doom and gloom. Most of it is a simple shift of shopping patterns, development priorities and working habits. The ones most related to economic miscalculation were the ones coming into being during the height of the...
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    Most WTF Paradox Interactive moments?

    I recommend this guide, and starting off in Ireland, just to get your feet wet.'s_guide
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    Most WTF Paradox Interactive moments?

    The one that jumps to mind immediately was a recent game of CK2 that I attempted to import into EU4 where I had just been minding my own business in Ireland, uniting it and making a go at England but never quite getting there. Then I see that I had missed out on the Grand Pisan Republic and the...
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    Human Spaceflight: No Single Rationale Justifies it, NRC Report

    There's really so many things wrong with the 'no compelling reason' argument that it's hard to know where to start. But it tends to boil down to a perception of risk versus reward being all risk and no reward, that we'll just get a bunch of people killed to visit a pile of irradiated space...
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    Warhammer 40k 7th Edition Review - Through the Grim Darkness

    Much like Warhammer Fantasy, it's most easily divided into the forces of Order versus Chaos rather than Good and Evil. The things the Imperium of Man does in the name of Order might be nasty, brutal and unforgiving, but just wait until you see what the legions of Chaos or the Tyranid swarms want...
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    Dungeons & Dragons Launch Will Include Free Basic D&D Book

    Pretty smart move on their part, if only to get introductory information into the hands of potential customers. Time will tell how much they keep it up to date and consistent with newer rules, or if this is just going to be a one off promotional stunt to drive sales. I never did consider...
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    Dungeons & Dragons Unveils Full Product Line, Release Dates, and Details - Update

    I know they staggered 3.x release, and if I'm not mistaken it's their usual tactic. The way I've heard it explained is that if they release them all at once, people will feel like they have to buy them all and because that's expensive, they don't buy any of them. But if all they can do is buy...
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    Connecticut Lawmaker Calls For Taxes, Warning Labels On M-Rated Games

    Thankfully most of this attitude is on the way out - few parents of young children are this out of touch anymore, but it doesn't stop the morality panic police from trying to score points by stoking the latest imaginary outrage. I did get a good laugh about the warning label thing. Put a...