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    Is Erin Dies Alone Dead?

    Does anyone know what's happening with Erin Dies Alone? They're website says they updavte Monday, and Thursday, but I think i've seen two updates in the last two months? Pretty big fan of Erin Dies Alone, but right now can't be bothered having to wait so long to read a single page. Any other...
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    I need a girlfriend game

    You would be surprised at how great the Gears of war series is for new(ish?) Gamers, especially if you want Co-op - All aspects of the story are CO-op - Easy to learn, Hard to master, it's always fun trying to hit those 'active reload' thingies - Combat is simple, yet pretty fun, pus throw...
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    The Sims 4 Won't Have Pools, Toddlers

    When did this trend of lying begin? Like, I'm sure there weren't this many lies going around int he industry previously.....It's laughable that they think anyone would believe this
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    Steam summer sale, help, help, help!

    :S Yeah I'm considering just buying one of the Sims bundles they're doing on steam at the minute...I mean I didn't actually pay for Sims 3 anyway so bleh Ah well, thanks for the help though pall, really appreciate it ^^
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    Steam summer sale, help, help, help!

    Ok so the title was maybe a little dramatic >.< So, I'm kind of new to gaming on the Pc, and wish to take advantage of the summer sale. I was recently given a copy of Sims 3 and installed it (which in the process made me create an Origin account, and play it through there) Now I really want...
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    what the heck did they do to Raven's costume (and Raven in general) in the new DC 52?

    Thank god for this costume change!!! For a moment there I thought DC were capable of making a female character without sexualising her to a ridiculous degree!
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    Bury My Heart At Ashenvale... Your most nostalgiac gaming memories.

    I find it physically difficult to listen to the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack for the same reasons (which is awkward because it's on my Ipod) The MGS games have been a huge part of my life, I know the places, people, and events so well, so bury me at Shadow Moses I guess ^^
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    Greatest Use of Licensed Music In a Trailer

    Not really a great use of it (though the song is pretty hype) but do you remember...I think about three years ago, when almost every game involving shooting that was coming out used "Invaders must die" as the soundtrack...boy did that get old pretty quick
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    Personal safety, Help!

    I must admit I feel a little silly asking this, but hey, all you Escapist guys and gals seem to be pretty good with everything so why not. To cut a long story short, I work at a Game shop in the UK, hours are fairly low due to high staff numbers, but I love the work, and I love talking to...
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    Got irrationally angry today...

    I can see what you're saying but I'm not sure I agree, I read it and just kind of took the little story, I'm not sure it's even meant to be a comment on real life or anything like that (despite how idealistic it is), To be honest I think some people may be reading into it a little too much...or...
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    Running up the score equals bullying?

    Oh boo fucking hoo, is this really news now? Did the Dad need to file a complaint? So his sons team lost, big deal, welcome to life, sometimes you win, and sometimes you get completley destoryed, that's a lesson he should be teaching his son, how to deal with it
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    To All female escapist? Shouldn't that be all Escapist's? I mean I'm a guy and I find it pretty attractive myself...just saying
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    Gun Permits

    So, as a white, middle class, young male, who lives in an area of England that likes to think it's more posh than the queen at a formal banquet, I can safely say I know almost nothing nothing about firearms, what little knowledge I do have comes from an assortment of Games, Comic books, Films...
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    Fox News Begins Two-Part Series Linking Games to Mass Murder

    This is such bullshit, I'm getting sick and tired of this bloody argument, and not just for the standard obvious reason of "I just marathoned all four god of war games, and I'm yet to kill a child", no, this is bullshit because people should be better than this. Over the past one hundred years...
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    Pc game help

    What's up Escapist =^.^= Having a wee problem at the moment, to cut a long story short this is it: So recently I installed Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 on my Laptop, now i've been having a few problems with the disk and I can't get it to work, a friend mentioned to me a while ago that you can...