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    Zero Punctuation: Hitman: Absolution

    fish bone in the cock hole? *insert Wunderboner reference here*
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    Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.6: Friggin' Zombies

    They cut the power but in one location? 'you're ruining my zen thing, man'!
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    Unskippable: Fable 3

    That chicken really 'made' this intro! Not since City of God has a chicken done that (so well, I assume).
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    Do you have any question for Pakistanis?

    I've always wondered about the name 'Pakistan'. It's the only country I know of that ends in -stan that isn't a description of its ethnic majority but instead means Land of the Pure. How did that name come about?
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    Show About Games Show: Super Saiyans and Killzones

    my message tone is the alert
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    Show About Games Show: Super Saiyans and Killzones

    Either someone in this has a Codec ringtone or my phone is ringing.
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    Show About Games Show: Kinect and MvC3DLC

    "Dear FedEx, I am so much cooler than you!" that made my day!
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    The Big Picture: Mystery Science Theater 3000

    I still have tapes from the Joel days and I did circulate them!
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    LoadingReadyRun: Impersonal Information all Canadians say 'zed'?
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    Daily Drop: Porcelain Mask

    you too huh?
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    Daily Drop: Porcelain Mask

    and somewhere, Vega is crying
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    Show About Games Show: Nerds & Red Rings

    Gamer Gang: instantly better than Big Bang Theory (then again, watching a pile of shit gather flies is better than Big Bang Theory)
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    Escape to the Movies: No Strings Attached

    Anyone else amused by the fact that Mila Kunis, who plays the 'rival'/'usurper' in Black Swan is filming a movie called Friends with Benefits?
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    Escapist News Network: Inside the Newsroom

    I don't know, originally, ENN was very straight-faced with a lot of hidden sarcasm, then it became more overt with the reactionary sarcasm, and now it seems it's nothing but the reactionary sarcasm... the show hasn't gone in the direction I'd prefer but you guys are still funny so... I guess...
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    Show About Games Show: The Pilot

    ...the guy with the beard is cute