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    8 Bit Philosophy: Does Christianity Make Us Weak? (Nietzsche)

    Good point. Given how the forums usually turn out I was expecting a storm of flaming to come out of this given the topic. It still surprises me that everyone is so civil about this. I am impressed.
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Does Christianity Make Us Weak? (Nietzsche)

    What the hell is this? This is a video game culture site, why the hell are we discussing Nietzsche and Christianity? Its not like there is a game that does it well. NOTE: I wrote this before I read the comments. I am happy that there are many Christians on this site discussing how...
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    Jimquisition: Batman Is Everything Wrong With Square Enix

    I think you are referring to this thing: Or do you mean this?
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    Microsoft Struggles to Adapt Xbox One to Japan

    The reason why they made the original Xbox was because some smart people in MS at the time noticed that many PC game developers in the US wanted to develop for consoles also. So they got together and said "Why don't we just make a gaming rig with directX libraries and online for the living...
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    Jimquisition: PS4 - Doing Nothing, Meaning Everything

    That is never going to happen. I recall Gabe Newell stating that MS tries to nickel and dime developers every time they try to add digital content to any of their games. Wither it be patches, DLC or updates. This is the reason why the orange box and Left4dead have no DLC updates. I also recall a...
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    Project Spark Sparks the Xbox One's Imagination

    This is starting to sound very familiar. Isn't this what XNA was for? And why did they scrap XNA again?
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    Scraping the Bottom

    [Written with epic sarcasm] Bob I hate you. Not because you write columns I might disagree with. Not because you are a film critic on a gaming website. I hate you because people like you are the reason dumb films like Abe Lincoln: Vampire hunter get made. There are actually a sizable number...
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    Nintendo DS2 Rumors Continue at GDC 2010

    Well given Nintendo's track record with handhelds(and Nintendo machines in general) I expect it to have some of the following: 1. Each "LCD" screen should have a resolution of at least 480x320 (anything lower would be an insult since the iphone comes at this resolution) 2. Backwards...