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    The Big Picture: Off Target - Don't Censor Me Part 2

    It's funny, I literally just saw someone on Facebook outcrying over this, but I pretty much reacted the same way Bob did; a retailer (ONLY one retailer) is not selling a year-old game ONLY in Australia... I also quote Yahtzee, in that Australia likes to piggy-back on policies that come from...
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    The Big Picture: #WalrusNo - Why Tusk Is A Bad "Bad" Horror Movie

    Yeah, there really is nothing quite like someone who genuinely feels/believes in their messed-up masterpiece as opposed to someone trying to recreate that same goofy, stupid, "who thought this up?!" style. It's kind of like how I like the quirky weirdness of Adventure Time as opposed to...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Maze Runner - Where's a Minotaur When You Need One?

    ...Wait, MovieBob never heard of Harry Potter before the movies?! How is that possible?!
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    The Big Picture: Everything Means Something

    Love this video, given that I'm one of those guys who tends to overthink things.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Giver - Don't Bother Giving This Movie Your Time

    The Giver sounds like John Carter and Ender's Game, in that it's a story and/or concept that made have been original and unique back in it's day but by now has become cliche so it doesn't feel unique, despite being one of the first to do what it did. Also, thanks for reminding me of...
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    Escape to the Movies: Leprechaun: Origins - Fool's Gold

    Wait... they rebooted LEPRECHAUN?! Seriously?! ...How have I not heard about this? ...Oh right, it's Leprechaun, nevermind. Also, I fail to see how any new Leprechaun movie can be worse then any other, given the series was always a joke to begin with... Unless they really did decide to go...
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    Jimquisition: Rise Of The Exclusivity Wars

    Also, regarding the word "exclusive". I recall Ubisoft, almost proudly, proclaiming that the next Assassin's Creed will be available "exclusively" on Xbox One, PS4, and PC... In other words, it's pretty much on every console... but the Wii U. You know, you can't really use the word...
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    Jimquisition: Batman Is Everything Wrong With Square Enix

    I'd like to thank Mr. Plinkett for teaching me what "Brevity is the soul of wit" means, and how valuable it can be in this day and age.
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    Jimquisition: Corrupt, Censoring, Suicidal Indie Devs

    On the one hand, I feel like certain Indie developers can get a lot of hatred and bile spewed at them, mostly for taking any kind of stance other then pandering or appealing to young, hetero white dudes, and that's unfair... It makes me all the more angry, though, to see some people use this...
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    The Big Picture: What the Duck?

    I loved how Bob pointed out how people definitely WOULD HAVE decried Guardians of the Galaxy as obviously being too weird if it bombed and was a critical failure, instead of it being a success and everyone saying that it's uniqueness is part of the success. Isn't that weird?
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    The Big Picture: Who Was That At The End of Guardians of the Galaxy?

    Nice! :D ...Wonder if that will come into play in Guardians of the Galaxy 2...
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    The Big Picture: Who Was That At The End of Guardians of the Galaxy?

    "Who was that at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy?" ...Is that a trick question? Well, I guess Howard the Duck is fairly obscure by today's standards, despite there being a movie made out of him, and having the Nostalgia Critic review said movie. Not to mention, MovieBob's talked about him...
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    The Big Picture: Stay Classy, San Diego

    Nice video, Bob. You're right, the San Diego Comic-Con was surprisingly uneventful... Well, except for that panel for The Big Bang Theory, where someone asked why there were so many merciless jabs at Aquaman in that show, only for Craig Ferguson, the moderator of the panel, to shout her down...
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    Zero Punctuation: EarthBound - Not Your Typical JRPG

    IMO, I think the graphics look fine. I love the simplistic, stylized look of the game. Also, Buzz-Buzz dies at the beginning of the game... Does Ness's mom LIKE having sex with dead bugs? ...What?! The music, BTW, takes up most of the game's memory, and is probably one of my favorite video...
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    The Big Picture: The Fall of Kevin Smith

    I wasn't confused/angered by Bob's remarks on Kevin Smith in last week's Escape to the Movies, since I follow Bob's blog and thus I've heard his reasonings on why he doesn't like Kevin Smith, at least not anymore. So it didn't bother me at all, though it's handy to have this video to help...