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    Rest in Piss, Henry Kissinger.

    Sheesh, the dude looked like 75 at 55.
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    It's ok to be angry about capitalism

    And the government influences cars and their owners through a number of other ways already, namely taxation.
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    The Escapist Countdown to Shutdown Thread: What’s Next?

    Second Wind is/was a cool mechanic back when Borderlands released.
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    What would you do if your significant other wet the bed?

    After my savings, house, and credit... I'd still think twice. Anyway, I would hang her . clothes up to dry.
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    Funny events in anti-woke world

    Even better. Concrete blocks. A few can be painted green.
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Film You Watched

    Where did you get this year from? It's weirdly specific to be a typo (the movie is from 1939, and yeah, it has vintage all over it).
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    Funny Events of the "Woke" world

    Thanks for the added news. My mind was back in 2016. Remedy is a publicly traded company still. For the other parts I won't engage further as I've shared enough on the matter.
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    Funny Events of the "Woke" world

    It doesn't mean literally everyone. Anyway, yes, the Act 3 isn't good (or doesn't hold up in comparison to 1 and 2). But y'know, if Cyberpunk 2077 had released in the updated state it is now, the acclaim about the game-part would be universal. I'd say that indeed the way Larian communicated...
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    Funny Events of the "Woke" world

    Okay, what does that mean? Elaborate a bit. You must know more, unless you're just being anal about "everyone" not meaning literally everybody.
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    Funny Events of the "Woke" world

    To be fair, the race swap explains it better than coming up with it on their own. And that makes it the kind of cynical inclusivity that I'd consider a funny event in the woke world. It's just how things are done nowadays. I don't think that's the same. The relationships between characters in a...
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    Funny Events of the "Woke" world

    Video games have the advantage of the game part. For gamers the rest is complicated flavor text. I'll compliment Bioware (and recently Larian) for making that stuff pretty wacky in a way that fits a game very well, but it would be poor for a story told straight. The inclusion tactics we've seen...
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    Would you still drink milk if cows were anthropomorphic?

    Jokes on u, I already think women are cows.
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    Conflict between Palestine and Israel escalates

    This sounds iffy on paper and in practice it's dumb as hell. A better idea is to kill every single militant that raises arms against the people doing the killing (the Israeli army in this case). And do it again and again until nobody is left. I doubt that's the best idea either, but a...
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Film You Watched

    It's not like the sequels raised a high bar (I haven't even seen most of them). But I definitely enjoyed Spiral more, and of course the original is pretty good, though it's all in all different. Must be a scam, I tell ya.