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    Escapist Member's Community Thread Mk.III

    Anything that would sum up all the new and exciting things happening in User reviews I guess, at least that way it can fit in the OP. I just thought links to any new events, competitions, published reviews, most commented reviews, etc. I think if it was possible to summarise the interesting...
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    Escapist Member's Community Thread Mk.III

    Woah, brill thread! This will be really handy in navigating all the topics in off-topic. Bookmarking now Suggestion: Perhaps some content from the User Review section would be cool. I think people who write reviews should make a case in this thread and if you or we all agree it can be added in.
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    Are you a profile watcher/stalker

    Good point. You win this round Steam but you haven't won the war yet. Your profile is a world of surprises
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    Are you a profile watcher/stalker

    So I had an interesting conversation with a friend regarding forums and how people learn much about one another through their posts and online interactions. Then it came up that my friend (who is on a completely different forum) usually clicks on the profiles of users who he thinks are really...
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    A preview of MAG; Game of 256-Player Battles

    Is the X360 getting any Japanese games?? I haven't seen any yet and I am pretty sure that the majority is still western games like Alan Wake, SC: Conviction, Max Payne 3 etc etc
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    A Preview Look at Bioshock 2

    ME2 to Bioshock2 2010 I love you.. 2K get props for simultaneously worldwide releasing this badboy, the mere three days gap between US and UK Mass Effect 2 releases was painful. Loved the atmosphere, world and plasmid combat of the first game and I'm stoked to see if Jordan Thomas can deliver...
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    The DEFINITIVE List of Everything That Must Be Fixed/Improved/Installed In Modern Warfare 2

    I agree with nothing on that list except for the multiplayer bits
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    A preview of MAG; Game of 256-Player Battles

    Really makes me wish I had a PS3 at times like these. Still the overbearing idea that PS3 games are over Japanannesy is not enough to make me buy one despite this game looking really tempting way to spend an afternoon
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    Mac Harddrive faliure

    Thats actually helpful thanks
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    LTTP - Ode to Half-Life 2

    Good review Ska. One of my favorite games after Thief Well to be pedantic she was from the Pegasus and not the Galactica, hehehe
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    Mac Harddrive faliure

    I don't follow wouldn't that just override my exisiting hard drive.
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    Mac Harddrive faliure

    The hard drive in my (almost) 4 year old macbook pro failed, tonight. I've never had a HD failure but from what I've heard from others it seems pretty typical (loudish clicking). That's the bad news. The worse news? My last full time machine backup was july 2008. Last partial backup (email and...
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    Poll: Tony Abbott thinks you should wait till marriage to have sex, ladies!

    I hate saying this, so I'll elaborate. This man speaks all kinds of truth, today is no different. This
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    Mass Effect 2... so bloody close now.

    I read the preview on the User Review Section of this site. So.Excited for the release. I am counting down the days
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    Mass Effect 2 - Information Preview

    Awesome looking thread. Probably gonna watch those preview videos 1 more time, just too impatient for Tuesday. [insert Darth Vader pic of NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!] Gah, why does Europe get the short end of the stick for exclusive deals? I mean I wouldn't have brought it myself but it's nice to...