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    RTS Games With a Good Story?

    Starcraft 2.
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    Guns : A simple solution

    NO. You fail to understand that when firearms are registered, those will be the first targets should our government go to shit. The no one will have any guns except for the police, and the US will become a police state. It's naive and ignorant people who think registering firearms will...
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    The 4 Most Meaningless Arguments Against Gun Control.....

    That's not true at all. I plan on owning more than a few assault rifles and I will never use any of them in any sort of illegal manner. I just like guns. I've been around guns since I was six, been taught firearms safety since I was nine, and learned how to shoot properly when I was a teenager...
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    Smite Dev Removes "Offensive" Goddess From Website

    Bad move on Hi-Rez's part. If they don't remove them entirely, then they will still get flak for it from uptight Hindus. If they remove the gods, then the game won't be what it claims and the hard work of the devs will be for nothing, not to mention that Hi-Rez has first amendment rights and did...
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    BioShock Creator "Sad" Over ME3's Ending Scandal

    Except GAMES AREN'T BOOKS. Especially when the devs repeatedly state that the fans are a big part of the development process.
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    Mass Effect 3 Petition Raises Funds For Charity

    TO quote someone who left a Facebook post: "You claim that it is beyond ridiculous and yet freely admit you have no clue what people are talking about and criticising because you haven't finished the game? And yet you think you somehow have the right to laugh and make snide comments about the...
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    Poll: Which Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ending did you choose? *SPOILERS*

    I chose them all. Save before you choose. Also, that game was a waste of time, and the endings (all of them) are pointless, provide no satisfaction, and only serve to show you how pointless everything you just did was. It's bad. The only good thing about that game is the art design. That's it.
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    Microsoft Xbox needs to die.

    It happens. I've had my Xbox RROD once, and another time I needed to replace the DVD drive. However, I've had the same xbox (well, newer dvd drive), since a year after initial release. It still works fine, and the only problem I'm having is finding a new cheap HDD because my original 12gb one is...
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    Dad uses Facebook to teach daughter a lesson.

    Assuming it was on his property, he had every right to discharge his weapon into that laptop. Granted, it was potentially dangerous, as a bullet could have struck a rock and ricocheted somewhere, but that doesn't change the fact that this was this legal. The father did not use the gun as a toy...
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    The Rundown: Soul Calibur 5

    The voice over guy did indeed change. It was rather jarring to me as I'm fairly certain he was in SC4, and was sort of cheesy, which was great. Also, they took out Zasalamel, and he was my favorite character. The problem with ZWEI is that in the story mode, he's basically a character from...
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    The Rundown: Soul Calibur 5

    Going from SC2 to SC3, SC3 improved in almost every area it could have. The music has stayed relatively the same throughout the series, as have the graphics, but with the extra modes, especially the Chronicles of the Sword mode as well as the introduction of the character creator, it...
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    The Rundown: Soul Calibur 5

    I noticed it, but only because I would randomly do awesome things and on the side of the screen it would say "Critical Edge" or "Break Edge." Honestly, I agree. The lack of a tutorial is just pitiful, like the developers didn't even think this game would be played by anyone who didn't play the...
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    The Rundown: Soul Calibur 5

    I've played Soul Calibur since the Dreamcast. I'm not good at it (I'm not good at any fighting game), but the Soul Calibur series has always had a special place in my heart. But as of late, it has turned into a sort of love/hate relationship, and Soul Calibur 5 only adds to that. One of the...
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    Epic Video Game Music Thread

    Bulletstorm Main Theme:
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    Dead Teen Sued for Flying Body Parts

    Why are these people running across tracks to get to their trains? If that's the only way to get to a train, the train station needs to renovate their establishment so it isn't as dangerous. I also don't know why these people think it's a great idea to run across train tracks in the first place...