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    Xbox? Done.

    You really hit the nail on the head with "permission" over "ownership". When I pay money for something, I better damn well be able to do whatever the fuck I want with it.
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    Jimquisition: Fake Nerd Girls

    I guess it comes down to pandering and being fake. It's hardly a problem only video games face. And I highly doubt video games "suffer" the most from this. I'm a little bit more concerned about people trying to act tough and cool, when in actuality they are just desperately trying to get some...
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    World of Warcraft Hackers Kill Thousands in Minutes

    I think it's funnier imagining those players with no sense of humor going "OMG this is NOT funny, they seriously hindered my experience and should be punished!!!11"
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    Obsidian Unveils Project Eternity

    "Isometric and party-based" Stopped reading there. After playing Diablo 3, I don't think I can ever play an isometric game ever again without throwing up. Sorry Obsidian.
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    Notch Tweets Rage Over Minecraft Party Sexual Assault

    Not to be one of "those guys", but this sounds like a much bigger deal than it needs to be. Holding back tears? Yeah ok. All she needed to do was call the guy a weirdo and walk away. If she felt like it, alert a guard to it as it happened. There was never a moment when she couldn't have just...
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    MLG Disqualifies Top Two League of Legends Teams

    It is a disgrace to video games that people are angry at the two teams for "not taking LoL seriously". I imagine most people upset with this are manchildren. They only fixed the first game for fun, they were going to play out the remaining matches in seriousness. Video games are meant for FUN...
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    The Big Picture: On The Subject Of Violence

    You know Bob, it's you're show and you're free to pick any topic you want. But don't feel like you need to always pick happy topics to appease us. If you feel like doing a serious video or a video about past cartoons, go for it, there will still be someone watching. If I'm the only one in your...
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    Jimquisition: I Hate Videogames (Because I Love Them)

    I'm just a little curious what Jim meant about the PS3 being bad with high speed internet. I'm not trying to be a PS3 fanboy, I'm honestly just wondering if there's been some problems with it in the past I didn't notice with mine. Anyone know?
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    Serious Sam 3 DLC Coming This Fall

    As much as I love Serious Sam 3 and enjoyed every minute of it, I see almost no one online. Has this game even sold? Does anyone play at all? I can't see this DLC going anywhere.
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    Trailers: New Super Mario Bros. U

    I don't see a single thing that has changed from the last game. It is essentially Super Mario Bros Wii with different levels. Isn't this the kind of thing we lament franchises like Call of Duty for doing?
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    E3 Preview: Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer

    I don't think it's a good idea to be making this game when the first one failed so miserably. But, I'll give it a pass, because it isn't just another shooter, it's trying to experiment. Whether or not that experimentation turns out to be good in the end doesn't matter to me, I'm just happy...
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    E3 Preview: Battlefield 3: Premium

    Maybe I would purchase this if I was actually able to play Battlefield 3. I am still unable to connect to a server (I play on PC), or if I do, unable to maintain the connection for more than 5 minutes. Not something I expect with my gigabit internet..... Not really the place to complain about...
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    Jimquisition: You Should Be Mad at Diablo III's Always Online DRM

    Yeah, that's true. And your point? Jim Sterling just made a 6 minute video explaining why making D3 like a WoW instance is a bad thing. You haven't refuted anything he's said yet.
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    Bless This Mess

    I want to see this movie so bad, but I don't know where I can find it. God Bless America > The Avengers, clearly!
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    Norwegian Mass Murderer Defends Gaming Habits

    "Acted in self-defense" Does not compute. WAT.