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    Favorite/Most Used League of Legends Skins

    Ruugggeddd Garen. The G-Man is my spirit animal.
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    Meet the Man Who Decided What Went in Dungeons & Dragons

    Yeah my group played 2E mostly but we've played a bunch of 5E now and I am loving it so much more, they really did well with this one.
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    Escapist Podcast: 175: Favorite Magic: The Gathering Set

    I started during Innistrad and yeah it's easily my favourite. I love tribal, especially human\solider ones and there are some really sweet ones in Innistrad, also zombies yay!
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    World of Warships Carriers are The Most Interesting Gameplay I've Seen in A While

    So do the carriers basically fill the same kind of role SPGs do in WoT?
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    New Star Wars: Battlefront Preview Coming Next Month

    Please don't just be battlefield with lasers.
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    Download The D&D 5e Elemental Evil Player's Companion For Free

    I've been loving 5th ED, even more so with all the support and free stuff WotC is throwing at it.
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    Valve Swings the Banhammer Down on CS:GO Match-Fixers

    I'm sure they'll think of something to defuse the situation. The amount of gambling and betting that is going on in DotA and CS:GO seems a bit excessive.
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    Tabletop, terrain, minis... and above all, DICE

    I love minis and the games but don't play them as much as I would like to. 40k: Mostly guard but also some space wolves X-Wing: Few minis at the moment but I think I'll go Imperial if I play more. Bit of D&D, mostly 2nd ED
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    Smite PAX Aus Interview: The Fastest Growing New MOBA

    I'm quite happy they recently did some servers for Aus, it was quite difficult to land auto-attacks at higher pings with the way the attacks are implemented.
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    Newest Super Smash Bros Fighter is Fire Emblem's Ike

    I like Ike, you like Ike! I enjoyed playing as Ike, only problem was trying to get back on stage if you were beneath it.
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    How common are electric kettles where you are?

    Australia here, I can't recall the last time I saw a kettle that wasn't electric.
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    Japan's April Fools Day Roundup

    I'm getting a 404 on photos 3 and 5. I hope someone replaced a bike seat with broccoli this year. EDIT: All good now
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    When villains lose their cool (spoilers)

    No mention of Hades from Hercules? Interesting. I imagine most people have seen him at some stage, I know there is an avatar of him floating around here somewhere but when I think suave villain I think of him first, several times after hearing his schemes aren't quite working he flares up but...
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    Catchiest Song You Have Ever Heard

    Had this stuck with me for the last few days.
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    "How To Pick the Perfect Video Game": The Most Useful Flowchart Ever

    Couldn't see much in the way of RTSs but all in all the chart is alright I suppose.