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    Fallout 4 is Getting (Official) Mod Support in April

    This is something I'd like to hear about as well. The tools will probably have a 'cook' option (Unreal Tournament 3 did this, when you 'cooked'/compiled/packaged etc. the mod, you basically had the options of PC or PS3. You then got the file to distribute as you wish), so that will probably be a...
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    Marvel Superheroes Get Mech'd in Adorable Gundam Mash-Up

    The Cyclops one looks more like a Re-GZ than a Zeta, it's missing the Wave-Rider armour
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    8 of the Best D&D Modules of All Time

    No reference to the Ravenloft cover being used for Castlevania II's boxart?
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    Windows 10 Launches Next Month

    Don't worry, you don't need to tell me how it's designed :P I've been using Windows 8 since it was in preview stages, since before the charms bar. I now use it on every machine I own i.e. my laptop, phone and my tablet. I also use it regularly at university. I use it with touch, mouse, and...
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    MomoCon 2015 Cosplay Gallery: The Best Heroes and Villains

    Dude, where's the kickass Gundam Mk.II cosplay? That thing was great, and it's the AEUG version so it's technically a Hero. John Funk wouldn't have stood for this *sobs*
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    Windows 10 Launches Next Month

    Will probably switch straight away, heard good things from friends who have been using the more recent previews. Windows 10 will allow you to have just a normal 7-style start menu natively. Whaaaaat, Win8.1 works great with a keyboard and mouse, I'm using it right now and I'm having no...
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    Turkish Mayor Sued over Creation of Giant Robot Statue

    That's no Zaku boy No Zaku!
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    Tekken 7 Director Reveals New Character, Clarifies "Lucky Chloe" Situation

    Not particularly, he consulted the Middle Eastern fighting game community and they thought the design looked really good, and the fact is that that's hope Saudi people often dress. Nobody complained when Bob was introduced and he was a fat american guy in a work shirt and denim dungarees, or...
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    Zero Punctuation: Sonic Boom - Boom or Bust

    Dude, chill. I'm a pretty big Sonic fan, probably the second biggest Sonic fan I know in person (the other being a good mate of mine who lives and breathes it), and we both accept that it's a terrible game and that badly-drawn-Sonic is amusing. Because we accept that it has it's bad points and...
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    Ryse: Son of Rome is Coming to PC, and Leaving its Microtransactions at Home

    Aww sweet, that's two platforms I can not own it on :D
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    Just How Good Is The Oculus Rift?

    Personally I'm looking forward to the Project Morpheus seeing as I have a PS4 instead of a PC, and I think that that with the PS Move could be amazing. Even then, Morpheus/Rift with something like No Man's Sky, or Project Cars (if steering wheel is released for the PS4) would be awesome as well
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    The Fast Track To Internet Infamy

    You need only have the first panel for this to be a masterpiece
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    Magic's Khans of Tarkir Brings Anticipated Reprint

    That's why they've waited until now to reprint them, they'd never reprint them in the same Standard rotation as the shocklands, they'd be way too powerful for standard
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    Magic's Khans of Tarkir Brings Anticipated Reprint

    They're more highly sought for Modern and Legacy. They don't fetch for the Basic Lands, they search for lands with that card type, meaning that the Shocklands (for Modern, which have basic land types but have a payment of 2 life to enter untapped) and the Alpha lands (for Legacy, dual lands with...
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    Nintendo's New Handheld is a Revamped, Redesigned 3DS

    Reddit doesn't seem to be complaining about the stupidest thing here, so I'm gonna say it bluntly: