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    What games do women play?

    Female and 26 :) Tomb Raider, really really enjoying it Skyrim just got over 200 hours doing dragonborn Bioshock Infinite For me to enjoy a game it can be anything from good gameplay and interesting mechanics, compelling storyline and characters or it's just plain fun to play. Mainly...
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    Fable: The Journey Review

    that sucks was looking for a good fable game i like the twee english humour and setting
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    The worst INDIE game you have played

    That extreme baby shooting one on xbla indie games, not shooting babies out of guns but extreme firing them out lady bits to represent birth, horrible horrible thing.
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    What was your first mobile/cell phone?

    Nokia 3410 when i was 17 oh yeah so cool, in like 2003 twas a beast so much snake
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    What do so few gay gamers play FPS games?

    Shrug I guess it's more a personal preference I mean my best friend on xbox is a gay dude and while he does love rpgs he also plays halo every week, loves blops and the other call of duty games and is currently playing borderlands 2 after playing one to death. The forums is probably more an...
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    Did ME3 ruin Mass Effect for you?

    No it didn't ruin the entire thing for me I love mass effect more than one bad ending, I would still buy more in the universe and more dlc. :)
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    Describe your last visit to the bathroom.

    I needed to pee so I did, washed my hands and left. Soem other girls were in there talking about something super serious in german as one was crying really loud, which is very off putting when you really need to pee.
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    Poll: Do You Cuss In Front Of Your Parents?

    Yeah my mother kinda puts up with it getting used to it after all these years. My dad swears more than me and my brother combined though so he can't talk.
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    Poll: Are Single Players now in the minority?

    Single player is what most people play it just seems like the focus is on multi as some developers/publishers think its a ways to extend the life of their game and get more money. It's hard to judge overall as there are still single player focused games and main single player games with a bit of...
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    Terraria Goes to Consoles, PC Gamers Go Nuts

    Awesome I like terraria and the more people have access to it the better!
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    Poll: Homeopathy

    Homoeopathy is fraudulent, the stuff is so diluted you are just taking sugar pills, any stories of it working can be seen as the placebo effect.
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    Good introductory RPG for an 8 year old?

    Costume Quest! Very kid friendly and shows all the basic mechanics of rpgs in an easy to understand way.
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    Poll: How much older is too old?

    I'm 26 and my current, hopefully permanent, bf is 8 years older than me, oldest was 11 years and that was probably the upper age limit for a serious relationship.
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    Poll: So, do you talk to yourself ?

    Yes I talk to myself quite a bit and maybe sometimes refer to myself in the 3rd person - such as "why did you do that beck that wasn't very smart?" and then answer myself. I'm not crazy.
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    Lollipop Chainsaw Ships 700,000 Copies

    I really enjoyed it, fun, brightly coloured and good music. Nice to see something from suda51 doing a bit better.