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    Is there a Fallout 3/ New Vegas nude patch for PS3?

    Don't judge me, I know you're wondering too
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    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves question

    If I activate the 'One Hit Kill' and 'Infinite Ammo' tweaks, can I still get all of the trophies that I would without them, like the '-insert number here- kills with -insert weapon name here-' trophies?
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    Poll: If you could change your name...

    I wouldn't. Usernames are supposed to symbolize you in a way that your real name can't. For example, your username is 'gigastrike', possibly meaning that you like to be powerful. But if your name was, for example, Steve, It wouldn't exactly screwam "ULTIMATE POWER".
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    Your opinions on the 'Saw' movies

    I know that critics say that they hate them, but I just can't get enough of that series. The writers of Saw IV were f***ing geniuses.
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    Poll: Playstation Home Failure or Success

    I think it was probably Sony's worst plan for the PS3
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    Which game gave you the most playtime of any game you've ever played? (Besides WoW)

    If you need any more proof that I'm addicted to Fallout 3, I just checked my game time... 500 hours...... I need help...
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    Poll: What are your thoughts on Borderlands?

    *sigh* I'm so tired of people asking about other peoples opinions on whether or not to buy a game. If the game looks good and you want it, buy it. If you don't want it, don't buy it. If you're not sure, rent it first. It's that simple.
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    Poll: Cod Modern Warfare 2 Poll

    I've never really been a fan of CoD, but I'm sure everybody who is will fall in love with it.
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    Recommend me a good gaming podcast

    I've subscribed to a few podcasts for quite a while now, and I feel that I could use a bit more variety. Whoever recommends the best will get a super secret prize.
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    Poll: Just a thought on Reverse-Rascism

    I've noticed that, usually, nobody thinks it's racist if the comment is about Caucasian people, or if the person is talking about their own race/ ethnicity.
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    Poll: Music, artists, and blind devotion.

    Logic would dictate that if there is a band that I like, and I wanted to listen to their recently released album, that I would have to buy it.
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    Poll: Should halo wars have been made?

    I think that Bungie was just making a cash-in on a franchise that has a fanbase that will instantly buy anything with the Halo logo on it.
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    Poll: When will world of warcraft die?

    It will never end. It will be the inevitable downfall of humanity, and it will be awesome.
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    Poll: Till death do us part?

    I will play forever, as I will never die, puny humans!
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    XBL scares me

    TOO... MANY... WORDS!!! But why would you be scared of people who make fun of your gamertag because they think they gain power from verbally assaulting others?