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    The Next Space Marine

    Tau please :)
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    Sequels you've always dreamt of.

    Star wars Battlefront 3
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    LoadingReadyRun: Bros Clubbing Bros

    Love Commodore Hustle! Demand MORE!!!!
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    Daily Drop: Camembert Cheese Wheel

    I see what you did there
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    Thoughts on a "pick-up" line. And share some of yours.

    "is that a dead rabbit in your mouth, because your a fox." Believe it or not I have seen this line work.
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    Games You Want, But Will Never Come Out

    Star Wars battlefront 3
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    Escape to the Movies: No Strings Attached

    Good review Bob, as usual. As for the whole "Can non-romantic "FWB" sex work... yes, it's 2011." Try it... it doesn't matter if the year is 2069, thats a impossibly hard relationship to control. Ironically only a made up Hollywood logic can make it work... for longer than a couple weeks...
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    The longest game you've beaten start-to-finish in one sitting.

    Metal Gear Solid 3 Technically I fell asleep while on a codec in the prison... but I never turned it off or left my house. Dose that still count? ...those codec calls are long. So not my fault >_>
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    Poll: WOW on console

    I agree completely! If the game is built from the ground up for consoles it would be great. The number of different classes would have to be reduced initially. However, if the class system was designed as a mix of Boarderlands/Mass Effect it could work very well on a console. - But the Idea...
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    Poll: WOW on console

    I would love to have a "good" MMO on a console, but WOW wouldn't work very well. Fingers crossed for DC Universe on PS3; "Please don't suck!!!"
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    Has a game ever made you cry ?

    Yes, the end of Metal Gear Solid 4. That ending is such a roller coaster of happy and sad emotions it had me starting to tear up. Best Movie I have ever played
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    Why's everyone mad about no offline Diablo 3 single player?

    I wouldn't have no problem with this... If I lived in an area that had a stable Internet Connection. I can't play Starcraft 2 with my friends/neighbors, and now I can't play Diablo. WTF!
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    Escape to the Movies: Book of Eli

    Please do. Don't let all of the angry rants on the forum scare you off
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    Escape to the Movies: Book of Eli

    I could understand why he is upset at the premise, but I feel like he saw a different movie than I did. He didn't mention anything about the great cinematography or well executed action scenes. The movie did have the Post apocalypse look, but almost every shot was good enough to be a painting...