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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance Delayed Into Next Year

    Funnily enough, my thought went to the Graphic Novel.
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    City of Heroes Spiritual Successor Cancels Kickstarter, but Development Continues

    CoT has announced an intended release date of next autumn, and the people that are making City of Titans consider them selves *A* spiritual successor, not *THE* spiritual successor.
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    Sega Has a Bayonetta Countdown

    If I had to guess, that's because Bayonetta was available on two of the better selling consoles, while 2 was only available for the Wii U that sold terribly.
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    Ghost in the Shell - Hollow, Soulless, a Shell, etc.

    Having seen it, I think Section 9 is still at least a semi-government agency, given that Aramaki has fairly easy access to the Prime Minister of the country, and during the Geisha sequence, everyone (Except the Major) are wearing police vests.
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    The Nintendo Switch Has its First "Tablet Exclusive" That Can't Be Played on TV

    Not sure what you're talking about. They sell USB-C compatible wall warts and car chargers. That's the ego point of using USB-C in the first place.
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    Barbie - Video Game Hero - How Clever!

    Life in the Dream House is amazing, and more people should see it.
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    Fire Emblem Warriors Also Coming to the Nintendo 3DS This Fall

    I hope you mean on the New 3DS, because while it CAN play on a non-New one, it wasn't really made to. So that might be your problem.
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    Nintendo Switch Launch Date and Price Announced

    Forgetting about The Virtual Boy there?
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    Nintendo Switch Launch Date and Price Announced

    I'm not sure what console you were looking at, but the one they showed clearly had at least two different sets of them, Although to be fair they are mutually exclusive (one set on the "top" of the individual controller, with another set on the "side", to use when holding it sideways, like an NES...
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    Blizzard to Take "Aggressive Action" Against Mei Ice Wall Exploiters in Overwatch

    Not in the same way that Overwatch is, though. Most of the experience of the Dark Souls series is you, the player, against the big, evil monsters, the computer. Yes, other players can show up, but you can easily turn that off and not lose out on the core experience. Overwatch is 100% you, the...
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    Blizzard to Take "Aggressive Action" Against Mei Ice Wall Exploiters in Overwatch

    But Dark Souls 3 is a single player game. It's wholely different to exploit a glitch when they're playing on their own, as opposed to when there are other people.
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    Collateral Beauty - Intellectual B.S.

    Death of the Endless is terribly, terribly disappointed in the film makers...
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    Blizzard is Hiring for an "Unannounced" First-Person Game

    This is persoanlly what I think it is, and it makes a lot of sense. You already have all the visual assets you'd need, at least as far as characters are concerned,and control wise, all the set up is done. All you really have to do is come up with a story, and there's plenty of that in the game...
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    Clue is the Latest in a String of Upcoming Remakes

    That's exactly what it is, although funnily enough, it was out in the UK first.
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    Watch Dogs 2 Set in San Francisco, Launching in November

    I think it's still Aiden. The person on the bottom is someone else, from Mirror's Edge, by the looks of it.