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    Dash Cam switches date back to default

    As stated in the title, my dash cam never keeps the dates. It is a simple one with 1080p and has no GPS. Doesn't matter how many times I change it, the next day it is set to default. Other settings however are fine such as no sound recording or resolution. The SD card is a Class 10 from...
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    Critical Mix: 001

    nice to see it again. even when i miss erin dies alone, which i never got to finish it since the series left from here.
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    Win 7 login fail

    Earlier today I used my computer as usual. Than later on tonight i entered my password to login and all of a sudden i get this message: The user Profile Service service failed to logon. User profile cannot be loaded. I found this video that helped me to fix the issue...
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    No sign in/connection to Office possible after update on Win 10

    I hope I can get an answer here. The other forum I have posted it on did not help one bit. I'm writing on behalf of my mother who has an issue that she cant sign in/connect her MS Office anymore on her [Windows 10] laptop. After an update early this month, she is not able to access Office...
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    DLC purchasable through playstore when owning the disc version?

    i see now that for horizon zero dawn is a DLC available "frozen wilds". now i do own the disc version but the store tells me that it requires the main game. only the store doesnt show that i own the game. can i still purchase it through the store and play it? sorry, im still new to the PS4...
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    Bluescreen after plugging in Xbox One controller

    thanks for the link but i dont quite get it what i am suppose to delete. thanks for the link but i dont quite get it what i am suppose to delete. i see nothing saying "associated files".
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    Bluescreen after plugging in Xbox One controller

    no one can help me?
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    Bluescreen after plugging in Xbox One controller

    recently i have been getting a bluescreen every time i plug in my controller. clearly stating that "a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage". i had no issues installing the drivers for it and it worked perfectly fine in the 4 months i have bought and...
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    Blade Runner 2049 - A Great Too-Late Sequel?

    same here. i usually try not to watch movies now in cinemas since they are pretty expensive but i think as a fan of the original and hearing and reading how good it is to the first title, i feel obliged its a must watch.
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    PS4 racing games for 2 players

    i do have rocket league. just we both arent really good at it and she is even worse. so she gave up on it pretty quickly. but she said she woulndt mind a simple racing game with either cars or bikes. so i have gotten wipeout. we both like it a lot. even when we are not great at it since we both...
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    PS4 racing games for 2 players

    thanks. most of the titles i can not find online at my local stores or even on ps store but some do appear. i guess they are restricted for australia. wipeout certainly got my interest and by looking at youtube, it does look pretty colorful and a bit unique. it is indeed hard to find a...
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    PS4 racing games for 2 players

    im not familiar enough with racing titles but me and my wife want something simple to play with each other. it does not have to be the latest title since we rather have something cheap. just some recommended titles were you either drive cars or bikes and do simple laps.
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    external blue-ray player

    interesting. this i did not read anywhere when i did some digging around. powerdvd isnt really cheap either. i used to have it a long time ago for a gpu but of course its obsolete now for modern systems. i was hoping that these players would be region free, since i want to play movies from...
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    external blue-ray player

    was thinking of getting a external blue-ray player for my win 7 64bit desktop machine. but i have read that playing blue-rays over WMP, it requires a code pack of some sort. also that playing them on win 7 may not work entirely. then i read that it would be better to get VLC player but is the...