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    Criticisms your'e sick of seeing in a film/story

    It's not so much a criticism as it is a label/word but the term 'pretentious' seems to be getting thrown a hell of a lot more than it should. It seems to be slapped on just about anything that attempts to try and say something - whether that be a philosophical issue or a statement about the...
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    Deus Ex: The Fall Launches On July 11

    Indeed. Nice to see it trying to recapture the glory of the first game in that regard.
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    In Defense of Silent Protagonists

    There's an interesting conflation going on in this thread, in that a fair few people seem to be using 'silent protagonist' to include the player characters from various dialogue heavy rpgs. This is missing the point, as characters like The Warden and the Courier do in fact have lines of dialogue...
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    Lucasarts Games that Deserve Another Shot

    Good lord, someone else actually played Pitdroids. It was fairly popular with my family (along with the similarly not-actually-educational-but-called-that-anyway Droidworks*) possibly because we were a Mac household for years and there wasn't exactly a lot of choice in regards to games at the...
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    On Dongles

    I don't think they do, old chap. Not around these parts anyway. The raciest thing you're likely to see on a normal day in a shopping centre is a lingerie mannequin, which isn't quite the same thing.
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    Jimquisition: The Creepy Cull of Female Protagonists

    Yeah, this is a problem. The story with Remember Me should really be enough on its own to show just how fucked up the games industry's attitudes to gender can be. I mean, I know the film industry has problems in this regard as well, but not to this extent. Even if we were to disregarded the...
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    Clinical Depression, Struggles With

    I apologise. At no point did I mean to imply your family members weren't depressed, and I'm really, honestly, sorry if I did. I don't know them, and therefore can't make any statements about them one way or another, and clearly I didn't take enough care in my post to make that clear. So again...
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    Why certain people will defend a clearly bad game

    The problem there though is why a lot of the people who paid full-price don't seem to have any problem slamming it. I certainly don't think the Mass Effect 3 ending outrage was contained to those who'd waited a while before buying it. I mean, you could just as easily assume that someone who paid...
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    Poll: Prequels; Can they be good?

    +1 to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Fate/Zero would be a fairly good anime example, I'd have thought. Admittedly I haven't seen much of the original, but taken on it's own merits it certainly holds up pretty well. The prequel segments of The Godfather Part II also hardly drag the film down...
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    Clinical Depression, Struggles With

    While this may seem strange to you, being told that their self-image is point-blank wrong is actually one of the more useful things for people suffering with depression. Knowing that you have a mental illness can be a useful tool in trying to survive with one (which clinical depression is)...
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    Clinical Depression, Struggles With

    I can understand your sentiment. Were we discussing euthanasia I might well express something similar. But we aren't. We're talking about depression and that complicates things a bit. The fact is, clinical depression is the mother of all spanners in the works when it comes to suicide. Simply...
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    Clinical Depression, Struggles With

    Interesting game. I got a fairly 'meh' ending, largely by answering what I'd normally do in those circumstances. I found that a little amusing, given where my depression and those sorts of choices ended-up taking me. Anyway, makes for an interesting comparison with Actual Sunlight...
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    I now know why everyone hates Metal Gear Solid: 2

    The irony of it is that From The New World was intended to be a break from the previous games to attract new players. It didn't work, and most of it's faults just annoyed the fans of the previous games (all 12 of us). I'm still not sure what exactly whoever came-up with Mao's ability quests was...
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    Games Everyone Seems to Care About that You Don't

    The Elder Scrolls series in general, Skyrim and Oblivion in particular. This would probably be the biggest example. Level-scaling has always struck me as rather defeating the point of having a levelling system in the first place. Sandbox has never really been a huge appeal to me either, hence...
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    Poll: Who still watches Extra Credits?

    Yes, although the last couple of episodes have been very weak. I guess that's to be expected when James decided to just spend them going off on tangents about sci-fi in general despite not having anything of substance to say about it.