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    What will the world be like in 2050?

    I'm incredibly skeptical that any form of carbon dioxide removal will ever stop being prohibitively expensive. Why would any government pay billions today to possibly save money in the distant future? If the political will to take that bullet existed, we'd have seen it.
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    What will the world be like in 2050?

    I'm not an expert, but guessing the future based on what I know of history and current trends is a hobby of mine. Politically, I'd wager India and South America will be more important (they have large populations in relatively undeveloped countries; once they really start developing, it'll be as...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    professional guide to decreasing adblock usage: make a video demonstrating sympathy and understanding for adblock users' concerns, but kindly asking them if they would consider supporting you regardless professional guide to increasing adblock usage: punish anyone who admits to using adblock
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    Bill Murray's Groundhog Day- What keeps us grounded in reality?

    Establishing certainty is impossible. We establish probability. If you claim to be trapped in a Groundhog Day loop, this contradicts - or at the very least, clearly doesn't fit with - everything we know about the universe from thousands of years of scientific study. We can't prove you aren't...
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    Buy A Warhammer 40k Space Marine Chapter For $11K

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    Buy A Warhammer 40k Space Marine Chapter For $11K

    This is absurd. Who would pay $11,000 for the Smurfs? Make them Salamanders or Space Wolves and we'll talk. You could call it the "Wolf Pack".
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Review - People Suck

    Spec Ops: The Line forces you to bomb a bunch of people with white phosphorous. Your only choice in that scene is whether you want to commit a terrible act of violence as part of your mad quest, or turn off the game. You might get choices later, but you will be calling an airstrike on those...
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Review - People Suck

    Wow, GTA V sounds almost as bad as those other games where you commit discomforting acts of violence for ethically-dubious reasons. What were they called again...Spec Ops: The Line? Deus Ex? I forget.
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    Star Trek Game "Emotionally Hurt" J.J. Abrams

    How DARE J.J. Abrams express disappointment that a tie-in to something he worked very hard on for several years was low in quality? After all, since a minority of people consider his movie to be unsatisfactory, he is a soulless clone of Hitler and his hopes and dreams deserve to burn. It...
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    Poll: Is it sexist that men in the military have to shave their heads and women don't?

    My point exactly - they have beards for a very good reason and it's completely unrelated to the actual topic.
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    Poll: Is it sexist that men in the military have to shave their heads and women don't?

    Delta Force, apparently. The military would, presumably, want everyone to shave their heads for the purpose of uniformity if it was practical. But where it is reasonable to require men to shave their heads, it is unreasonable to require women to, since a shaved head is much more socially...
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    Call of Duty now Casual?

    how dare other people enjoy games that they enjoy will people next call themselves lord of the rings fans without having memorized the silmarillion in elvish when will the madness end
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    Incest, explain your stance without bringing up genetics.

    Hey guys! Let's discuss the ethics of abortion, without bringing up the child's right to life or the mother's right to control her body. Wouldn't that be fun and productive?
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    Great Comics for the Uninitiated

    The first guy nailed it - Watchmen. It's got modern sensibilities, it's from the eighties, it ushered in the dark age of comics, and it's also really really good. I'd also suggest another Moore work, V for Vendetta. It's got what you're looking for, along with a pretty interesting look at both...
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    Show me more proof. (Boston bombings)

    Yes. You nailed it. The lunatic gunman who opened fire on cops, was seen dropping off a backpack at the site and confessed to the crime was shot in the throat so that his writings could be forged in order to hide the truth - that Barack "peace and understanding" Obama's government bombed the...