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    Star Trek Online Headed to PS4 and Xbox One This Fall

    I'm honestly not sure. I've played this a long while on PC and like others have said, you do end up using most of your action bar slots. The controls don't seem like they'll translate well to consoles. If it's not gonna cost anything to grab the client, i'll probably have a look.
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    Disney is Ending its Infinity Line, Avalanche Software Shuttered

    I was starting to wonder if we'd be seeing an announcement like this. My local Walmarts have shelves just full of the figures. Who'd have guessed that the market wouldn't put up with 3 toys to life concepts?
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    Ace Attorney 6 Confirmed For September 2016 Western Release

    Sweet, finally a release date. And "Spirit of Justice"? 10/10, solid name. I hope they do more with the dlc this time around. There was only ever 1 pack of outfits and 1 case for Dual Destinies.
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    Paper Mario is Being Cannibalized by Mario & Luigi

    It could be good, But I agree, I want another traditional paper mario game. like thousand year door. I would play the hell out of another paper mario game like that.
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    Star Fox Zero Won't Have "Amiibo-Locked Content"

    Good. I can't find a squid amiibo to unlock the content I'm missing for splatoon, which irks me greatly. Also, got some malformed HTML in there, m8. That Italics command wasn't closed on splatoon.
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    Dear Microsoft: So You Want to Support PC Gaming Again?

    Agreed, the best thing MS can do for PC gamers, is make the OS smarter about Drivers, VC re-distributables, and full screen gaming, then STAY OUT OF THE WAY.
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    Books and skipping

    If Harry Potter and Eragon taught me anything, it's that the most seemingly inconsequential details can come back later and be important. So no, I never skip chapters. If I'm not enjoying something, I'll try and suffer through. But if I get fed up, I'll stop reading the series all together.
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    App Store Pulling Games That Include the Confederate Flag - UPDATE

    This is getting a bit silly. Yes, I realize that the confederate flag is mainly associated with racist agendas due largely to the KKK adopting it, but still.. really? It's a battle standard that several confederate generals DID use, and it IS a part of civil war history, whether people like it...
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    EA Will Delay Battlefront if Something Goes Wrong

    *snnrk* Yeah. Right. If it's a hotly anticipated game that must connect to servers, its going to have issues at launch. I miss the days when games were released that actually worked without patching.
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    8 Defunct Game Studios that We Wish Would Reopen

    Agreed to most everything. I miss the Westwood C&C.. before EA screwed everything up. Speaking of screwing up, there's some malformed HTML on the Westwood sub-page of the article.
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    Apple Initially Rejected Papers, Please for "Pornographic Content" - Update 2

    These people have not seen the nudity in papers please. It's not erotic, it's not sexy, it's just another part of the job of the border officer we follow. Or, more likely, they don't care.
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    LoadingReadyRun: No Laughing Matter

    Have to agree with Graham. I work retail. Which means at this time of year, 4-6 days of my week are dealing with Christmas shoppers and listening to 50 versions of the same damn Christmas carols over the intercom. By the time Christmas day rolls around, I am getting really, really tired of it.
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    Feed Dump: Rogue Monkey

    Well, the further explanation on New York Subway status was helpful - we don't really have a subway in Edmonton, we have a LRT line that goes underground for a ways. The stations are relatively clean, as are the rolling stock. It can get busy at times, but what doesn't. All in all, pleasant...
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    Super Smash Bros. Director Explains Why Ridley Isn't Playable

    This is what I've been saying for YEARS - Ridley is just too big to be a smash fighter!
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    This Super Smash Bros. 3DS Glitch Bans Players for 136 Years

    GG Nintendo. Not only do you have a situation where people are inclined to quit, because Smash 3D is incredibly laggy, a glitch is dishing out 136 year penalties for doing so. I think those that say "Don't play online" have the right idea, here.