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    Poll: Fallout 3 or New Vegas

    Depends a lot on the platform too. You do not want to play New Vegas on the PS3 for example ... sloppy programming makes the save-file unplayable when it reaches approximately 13 mbs in size. It also has many game breaking bugs that you may or may not avoid and several glitchy trophies...
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    Now that Fallout 4 is being teased, what would you like to see in the next installment?

    I do find myself missing the mods in my Skyrim, but Bethesda has made it run right - just don't get your head under water or it freezes for some reason, but at least it runs properly .. finally. I've boycotted bethesda for that exact reason. I will never ever pre-order another game from those...
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    Now that Fallout 4 is being teased, what would you like to see in the next installment?

    On the PS3? Mine is still freezing :( At least it was during the holidays.
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    Now that Fallout 4 is being teased, what would you like to see in the next installment?

    I'm a huge, platinum-trophied fan of Fallout 3 and I approve this message. New Vegas is a bugged out heap of junk that I've given up on. It's sad that they don't fix it.
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    Port of Dark Souls Prepares PC Gamers for Death

    I may actually buy this ... just to beat it again. When in doubt, choose Pyromancer and master key :D
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    Zero Punctuation: Ninja Gaiden 3

    Awww ... I really liked the second one, hard as nails but immensely satisfying. What a jib.
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    Poll: Most Disappointing Game of 2011?

    Skyim on the PS3. Damn you Bethesda. I gave you money and 70 hours of my time and I didn't to get finish it by far. Never again will you get a pre-order from me. Fix it or die!
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    Buggiest game you ever played?

    Definitely Fallout New Vegas. Was fun when it wasn't lagging or breaking. Not very often. Dead Island, pre-patch, was downright unplayable on the PS3. Got my money back on that one.
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    When building a new computer: How do you do it?

    The days PC-building came to end for me when quad-cores became standard. Seriously, you'd have to buy extremely cheap (or a labtop) to get a slow PC these days. When I did build my own I usually got advice from friends, but the comparability issues were always there, and once I ended up...
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    Dev explains why Skyrim lag wont get fixed.

    Never ever pre-order a Bethesda game ... Same goes for Treyarch and their Dead Island fiasco. It's time to talk with our money people, do NOT pre-order games from these publishers.
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    Do you fear death?

    Not really no. I was dead for roughly 14 billion years before this short interlude. I didn't mind. It's the suffering that scares me.
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    What was your first Minecraft home like?

    I dug into a hillside, spent the nights making it larger and finding coal and iron. Later I moved, but didn't realize I would spawn way back at my first home. When I eventually died I couldn't find my way back and uh, that was the end of that world.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dead Island

    HHAHAHA, oh man, I bought this game on day one I agree with everything you said. Also, you obviously didn't play this on the ps3. My game refuses to save after chapter 5 and there's a good chance that the next update will ruin it and reset my trophies. So, 20 levels and 5 chapters gone. Very...
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    If you could master one thing in one day

    Electricity would be nice. Seems like good work and a stable career choice.
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    Poll: How common is your name?

    Never thought about it actually so uh ... Yeah.