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    Someone tells your your future spouse is born today...

    Fuck yeah paedophilia. :D
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    Question of the Day, December 6, 2010

    I would definitely be getting it, however I'm far too poor for that kind of shit. I'm a massive RPG fan, and love the MMO experience I have currently had with LOTRO, but purely due to how hard-pressed I am for money I can't go ahead and buy all the content for WoW, then pay for subscription fees.
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    South Park is probably gonna do an episode about 4chan

    4chan is actually viewed as nought but the place to grab some numbers by the people, the sites and the IRC rooms that actually command the majority of raids. Whenever 4chan itself tries to hold a raid without anyone from outside helping out and doing all the organization it means it's usually...
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    Playing Kinect Games Early Breaks Xbox Live

    Well, I'd rather spend a week petting an imaginary cat than playing Halo.
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    Man Goes to Jail for Being an Internet Troll

    brb, raping both jade goody and a young dead dog mauling victim
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    GDC 2010: Sid Meier's: My Five Bads

    Wait, wasn't that six bads?
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    One game you would play on Halloween?

    If my graphics hardware (laptop with integrated graphics, so yeah, unlikely) is going to be able to run it, I'll definitely have a crack at running Amnesia. If not, Penumbra. if not, fuck it, it's a TF night for me. Or LOTRO. Or another playthrough of Terranigma. Or actually showing up to...
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    Rebecca Mayes Muses: Starcraft 2

    The only other one of these I've seen is the Halo: Reach one, and although that didn't appeal to me at all, I found this both pretty funny and to be a really enjoyable song. :D
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    Team Fortress 2 Gets Halloween Update, First Boss Enemy

    Why does this happen every time I uninstall? *reinstalls steam, initiates TF2 DL*
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    Zero Punctuation: Yahtzee Goes to GDC

    I think Millwall at least deserve a draw with Half Life 2 Episode.