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    Microsoft Spending $700 Million to Back Xbox Live Cloud Servers

    "... other cloud services" Cool, might be the touted skydrive backup service for Windows 8.1! :D
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    Starcraft II Patch Brings "LAN Play," Clan Support

    Can't remember the last time I needed LAN in order to play games with my friends. But having quick access to local players is a nice addition.
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    Microsoft Reveals SmartGlass Lineup[/youtube]
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    Korea Bans Commercial Game Item Trades

    I've personally never been very fond of the idea of buying digital items for actual currency. I welcome this change.
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    Diablo III Sells Like Crazy

    The thing is that Blizzard games have a long history of being excellent and spectacular, and still are. Just know that DRM means nothing if the games are great, especially if the DRM is familiar and the producer (Blizzard) doesn't abuse it.
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    EU Ban of Videogame Tax Breaks Imminent

    The EU should keep this policy in place considering it prevents abuse. Ubisoft are nothing but douche-bags.
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    Swedish Citizens Take Over Official Twitter Account

    Oh my GOD! His tweets are insane. Amazing how the Swedish government actually allowed this move. Great job Sweden!
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    Windows 8 Store to Offer Developers A (Slightly) Better Deal

    No, more like half a year from now.
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    WARNING! this is a real threat to basic human freedoms!

    The courts do not have a track record in favor of these bills. They are deemed unconstitutional. Will most likely not work in the courts.
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    The new Youtube layout

    The only thing I don't like is the new video layout. I would prefer if that aspect was kept the same and if it was possible to disable the video advertisement to the right. Other than that, meh.
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    Best antivirus

    Listen to this guy. You should get Microsoft Security Essentials. It's one of the least obtrusive anti-virus you could get.
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    ATTENTION! Symphony of Science

    It was a long time ago I last saw a thread about Symphony of Science and it would be a waste not to further its tunes. Anyhow, a couple of new videos have been published since then and I believe it is important that we sometimes get inspired by science. Enough talk, here is a relatively new one...
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    Pirate Party Invited To, Then Banned From, Swedish Gaming Show

    For me it doesn't matter whether or not downloading entertainment content will be totally free one day but rather limit and diminish the stranglehold the entertainment industry has over the technology industry. An examples would be the android chaos, such as digital patents? Who the heck...
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    Pirate Party Invited To, Then Banned From, Swedish Gaming Show

    That's not what the political party is about.
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    New Genetically Modified Cats Are Cute, Cuddly And Fluorescent

    You misunderstand, the cats get an virus equivalent of HIV. Just like fish and a lot of other animals.