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    Got any advice for a rookie Dungeon Master?

    This is a good resource: From my own experience as a player, I'd say that the most important thing is keeping your players engaged. Try to run a campaign that's fun for them to play, and provide them with things to do. Play to the strengths of their characters. Try to...
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    A cure needed for mental retardation

    Java's a solid language to learn the basic principles of coding. What level of skill and understanding do you have so far? Could you, for example, pass the FizzBuzz challenge? And what level of skill and understanding are you expected to have to pass the subject?
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    A cure needed for mental retardation

    It's not unusual to find learning to code difficult - when I was at uni, plenty of people in my classes had trouble with it, at least at first. Some of the mistakes I can remember people making included trying to memorise batches of code to regurgitate during the exams. That's never going to...
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    Recommend me a bad book!

    He Sees You When You're Sleeping [], written by Carol Higgins Clark and her mother, Mary Higgins Clark. It's crime fiction, and it is a crime against fiction. This is honestly the worst professionally-published book I have ever...
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    Is pokemon this expensive everywhere?

    Yeah, Pokemon games and the more popular Wii games don't drop in price easily. I live in Australia too, and recently I've been buying my DS/3DS games from []. Their prices are usually cheaper, sometimes they have sales or...
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    Way Too Busy Doing Nothing

    I am actually doing something right now - I'm playing D&D with some friends. But my rogue is currently unconscious, so it's internet time for me. If I wasn't playing D&D with friends at the moment I'd be at home either playing Bioshock Infinite or moving crap around between my Animal Crossing...
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    Need help with cleaning computer case

    Cooler Master Storm? I have the same case, and you should definitely be able to detatch the front panel. Try removing the side panel and feeling around the inside of the front panel for some plastic tabs, you'll have to press in three of them on each side before you can remove the front. The...
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    Your cartoonish weakness.

    Being surprised by someone, especially in the dark. I'll let out a strangled scream, jump backwards and hit out at whatever surprised me. Usually it's just my sister being an unintentional ninja - I've given her plenty of bruises that way.
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    Pokemon X and Y

    Wheee, I'm so excited for these games! So far I like everything I see, including the legendaries - this is the first time I've liked the featured legendaries since Gold &Silver. My only problem is that I can't decide which starter to get - the fox and the frog are both so cute! I guess it'll...
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    The Narcissism Test

    Your Total: 2 Authority: 0.00 Self-Sufficiency: 0.00 Superiority: 0.00 Exhibitionism: 0.00 Exploitativeness: 1.00 Vanity: 0.00 Entitlement: 1.00 Yeah... That felt a bit simplistic. I know I think more highly of myself than that, haha.
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    Poll: There is one thing the Escapist community has not answered...

    Gah, why would you do that. An unanswerable poll! I can't even select the "Team Gale" option because I don't know who that is. Team Edward - No. He's cold all the time, much too old, and apparently you need to become a vampire yourself before consummating your marriage to him if you don't...
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    The escapist front page is RUINED FOREVER

    Oh god, you're right. The horror. The horror.
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    Buying/possibly making new PC - help would be appreciated

    Cool, thanks again for responding. Haha I know, I meant I was looking the descriptions of the parts, and chose the ones that sounded the most attractive - in a performance and capability sense. I can see how that could be confusing. Okay, thanks for the advice. I swapped out the CPU for...
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    Buying/possibly making new PC - help would be appreciated

    Thanks for replying! I looked up hyperthreading and you're right, it's probably not something that will be very useful to me. I've revised the build taking all of your advice into account, here it is: Intel Core i5 3570K...
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    Buying/possibly making new PC - help would be appreciated

    Hi all. So I'm hoping to get/make a new PC in the next couple of weeks, and I need some advice. I was planning to make one, but after looking at parts and googling terms for a few hours I threw up my hands and started looking at premades. My budget is about $1600 - $1800 AUS, maybe $2000 max...