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    EA Launches, Kills Mass Effect 3 Preorder Offer on Origin

    Best guess I could come up with of why it got pulled was that they had initially set out with a limited number of keys that they were going to do this with and they ran out much faster then they expected. The more then likely story is they did not expect it to be as huge as it was and they...
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    Feed Dump: My Cat Ate My Whopper

    Awesome Dump. I agree with the cannon into the sun. Where can I donate? The real question is how do we get them in their a line of fake tanning gel and coke all the way into the cannon(ALA ET)? Ugh I just looked up Jersey shores pay and they actually upped it for season 4 to $100,000. Why...
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Debuts to Lackluster Sales

    I know I am in the minority but I really enjoyed XIII I thought it was a pretty great game overall and I really enjoyed the story. I think people just want to hate it and most have not given it a fair shake. The long "tutorial" as people call it is no different then pretty much every other...
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    PS3 "Other OS" Removal Case Thrown Out by Judge

    Wow a judge that has a head on his shoulders wow I am amazed. He pretty much stated exactly what was needed to be said you bought the hardware you own the hardware do with it as you please. The software is licensed if you want to upgrade then you will need to agree to the eula again. So...
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    Advice From a Fanboy: Akira

    This pretty much covers what I was thinking. The movie is still a good movie if you don't think about this but if you leave this in the back of your mind when watching the movie it becomes a masterpiece. Otherwise it is basically just a good action flick. The first time I watched the...
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    Escapist Podcast: 018: Saints Row 3, Old Republic & Horror

    Failed lost my last post :( Oh well the shortened version cause I do not want to retype everything I thought eternal darkness was brilliant in its use of both the game/sound/monsters to scare along with messing with the player directly giving it a real fear on many different levels...
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    Escapist Podcast: 018: Saints Row 3, Old Republic & Horror

    Oh yes that was a great game even though it had pretty bad controls but the amount of ways they found to screw with the player without destroying the narrative or the immersion was great. I don't know about fright scares but it definitely gave an atmosphere of unknown and wonder what could it...
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Secret Life of Board Games

    Yeah it is Legend of Drizzt Pretty much the same thing as Castle Raveloft or Wrath of Ashardalon. They are pretty fun games and while I do prefer playing standard D&D these are games that you can pretty much just sit down and play no need for a DM...
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    Sega Says No Valkyria Chronicles III For Western Gamers

    This saddens me beyond belief I so love Valkyria Chronicles I think they messed up though when they put it on the psp. If they would have kept going on the ps3 I think it would sell pretty well. I really do love these games though.
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    Sony President: "The Time Is Still Not Right" for Digital-Only Vita

    This makes me so happy. I have an internet connection that would support a download only system but I will always go for physical media if I can. I like having that copy that I can look at and display on my shelves. I understand why some people really like download distribution but I guess I...
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    Sony Attempts to Block All Future PSN Class Action Lawsuits

    Funny thing is they are not actually stopping you from suing them in fact they are setting up a system of arbitration before full suit for individuals which does sound kind of fishy since I did not see in the terms where they specify which entity would arbitrate the proceedings. After the 60...
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    Name Game: Crossing Tiny Towers

    That stinking racoon how come I move into town and I get charged for basically living. There really needs to be a game where I get to swindle that swindler. I am thinking like mafia style pay or punish. Bye the way Mr. Runner 2 rocks and is way too addicting been playing it on Kong for a...
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    Square Enix Explains FF XIII-2's Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff

    The more I hear about this game the more excited I get. I know I may be in the minority here but I really like 13 and am really looking forward to number 2... As long as they don't go all X-2 on it.
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    The Other PS3 Hacker Is (Probably) Headed to Jail

    This is a hard one for me. I believe sony is in the right trying to protect their system from piracy and this guy was a big help in the pirate market getting sony's system opened up for piracy. But I also understand the want to open up your own system and do what you please with it (even...
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    Spanish Police Site Goes Dark Following Anonymous Arrests

    A peaceful protest is one that causes no harm to either party but gets your point out. Ala the rallies in front of white house etc where they are speaking their mind but do not impede normal daily work. You can stand in front of a building and scream what is on your mind all day but you are not...