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    Bethesda Has "No Timeline" for Dawnguard on PC and PS3

    fuck the gaming industry. I'm just fucking tired of trying so hard to look past the ass-hat business practices I see in this medium. I'm done clinging to this declining industry. Honestly fuck gaming. The price and the heartache is no longer worth it to me. Maybe I'll get back into...
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    What are your hobbies (besides gaming)?

    Between being a student and gaming. I really enjoy watching movies. And I also run every morning.
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    Jimquisition: A Game By Any Other Name

    I agree completely. EXCEPT WITH BANJO AND KAZOOIE NUTS AND BOLTS That aren't any true collectathons left. And that game was the standard for collecathons!!!! Because of the wide open level design and the really good controls for just walking around as banjo I have reason to believe that...
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    Depressing Realizations

    even if I accomplish every goal I have for my life, it will all eventually amount to nothing.
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    Jimquisition: Why Do People Hate EA?

    Its actually astounding the industry has not fallen on it's ass yet. You gotta wonder if every executive at EA is stupid bastard or just the majority of them. *i can has shirt now? *All the girls fail to keep their panties dry when Jim walks in.
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    why does call of duty get so much hate?

    Call of duty is isn't innovative. Please don't pretend it is. People get call of duty because they know all their friends will also. It's also attractive to new gamers for two main reasons. One being the reason previously stated, and the other is because it is fucking easy to do at least...
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    What conspiracy theories do YOU believe?

    I believe the brits had a hand in sinking the Lusitania. If your not familiar with that. It was pretty much the reason the U.S. joined WW1 The U.S. was supplying Britain during the war and while sending boats over the Germans would of course sink them. So the U.S. and Germany made a deal...
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    Bungie Bids Halo Farewell with Touching Infographic

    It's clear now that Halo hit its peak of popularity during Halo 3. It's not very often that a game with so much hype exceeds expectations.
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    NEW assasins creed III trailer :)

    I'm a little concerned that jumping around through forests isn't going to be as fun as jumping around a city like Florence. I am still excited for the new era though. The renaissance was growing very stale.
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    the ^ < V game

    ^ is wrong < Never played this game. v hated by me.
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    Irish SOPA law has passed today

    This is something we should really expect. On the escapist, people may be a bunch reasonably educated people. But in the real world, in the countries that practice democracy. There's ignorant baboons. Everyone knows someone that they are ashamed to call their countrymen because they are...
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    Image of Assassins Creed III's main character leaked

    I was correcting you in your confusing use of the word it. I got a happy feeling knowing an actual person was going to read it so I went to fucking town. Since you decided to actually debate me on something I'll continue to talk. THANK YOU!
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    Image of Assassins Creed III's main character leaked

    Be more descriptive when you use the word "it" A simpleton might think you're arguing the point on how many times you learned about the American Revolution. That argument being you only learned about it once rather than three times. In which case the simpleton would respond "my point remains...
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    Why don't you feature you country of citizenship on your profile

    Pretty self explanatory. I myself do because I want people to have a better understanding of my point of view in discussions. Often they believe that is the point of view of an imbecile. There are a few people not so judgmental and I do it for them. YOUR TURN!!!
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    Image of Assassins Creed III's main character leaked

    I doubt ubisoft will miss the chance to throw in a few french major characters due to their involvement in the war. However. The French revolution would have been a much better choice. That was a war fought by the people to take down a tyrannical government that was ruling irresponsibly...