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    What is your 'pet' genre?

    RPGs, in almost any form. Mostly I prefer first person RPGs, like Oblivion and Fallout 3, but I've played a huge number of Japanese RPGs and old school sprite based RPGs. I enjoy the ability to craft out a unique character.
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    A friend's being generous. Help?

    Everything this person said here is true.
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    Poll: Forgot about Reach?

    I'm still playing Reach almost every day, trying to get the Daily and Weekly challenges done for the extra credits. I'm in love with Fallout: New Vegas at the moment, so I'm not playing Reach much more than whatever is needed to do the challenges. Once I finally beat New Vegas I will probably...
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    What music do you listen to while playing video games?

    Hey, me too! Except for the online part. I get killed too easily if I don't have the sounds warning me when people are running around and stuff. But for any single player game, if I don't have to pay attention to what's being said in the game, I'll listen to the Drunk Tank.
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    How often do you change your avatar?

    If a place allows animated avatars, I always use this one. I only change it on places that don't allow animation, and even then I use this one as my default.
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    273: Confessions of a GameStop Employee - Part One

    If people don't like GameStop's practices, there's an easy solution: Don't fucking shop at GameStop! I'm so tired of all the bitching about a store that most people say they don't even shop at anymore. Really? Good for you. Take your business elsewhere, then. I'll continue to shop somewhere that...
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    Fill Out Surveys, Earn Cash and Win Videogames!

    Eh, I filled everything out and did all the surveys, and I have $1.20 pending. Not even earned yet; I have to wait for the surveys to close to get anything. Kinda weak, but I've tried these things before and they usually pay out if you stick with them eventually. It just took me about 2 years of...
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    268: Hey, Listen, I Like Navi

    No. You're wrong, and you're a bad person who should feel bad for writing this article. The ultimate point of playing a game, beyond anything and everything else, is to have fun. Having that little bastard of a fairy screaming in your ear for hours on end is not fun. Therefore, she is an...
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    Do I deserve to be spat on for saying this to a gay person?

    Gay, straight, or anything else, I hate people who snog in theaters. If I pay 12 dollars to see a movie, I expect to be able to watch it without interruption. I will go a step further, though, and actually complain to an employee if someone is being disruptive. Whether it's snogging, talking...
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    Zero Punctuation: DeathSpank & Limbo

    Eat a dick, you say? Well, don't wait up, chaps, I have some unpleasant business to deal with.
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    263: Multiple Roleplaying Disorder

    I read Alice and Kev a while back. It was sad to see it go. Such a gripping story, it was amazing to see it unfold the way it did. I don't know that I've ever been moved in any real way by The Sims when I played it, but I certainly spent enough time playing that it had to mean something to...
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    That Game you wish you could forget just so you could play it again ?

    I would love to do this for almost any game I played more than 15 or 20 hours in. Oblivion, Fallout 3, BioShock, GTA IV, Mass Effect... the list goes on. Many of these game I still play today, but the initial thrill of a new game can never really be recovered. I'd love to experience it again.
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    Poll: How many of you have changed your profile name?

    Never. I have two usernames that I've been using for over a decade; this one, and my "gamer" handle, which is Dragonmanweb. I mostly use that one now as my XBL username. I also haven't used any avatar besides this one, or one like similar to it, ever since I first designed it a few years back.
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    Zero Punctuation: Monster Hunter Tri

    If only this game wasn't for the Wii, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Despite, or perhaps because of, the review, it seems like a fun game. Starting off as a lowly hunter that needs to work up to the grand, epic scale fights appeals to my inner leveling demon. That bastard can't get enough of the...
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    253: Gamers of the Third World

    I've read before about how gaming has infiltrated and filtered down to the poorest nations, where having enough money to eat food and have clothing can be considered a successful life. It astounds me how impacted people are by flashing colors and ringing noises, despite living conditions that...