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    Skyward Sword

    Stopped reading at "honestly reviewing". When did you stop being a comedian and started being a reviewer? Your style does not reflect the claim at all. And considering how much flasehoods you've spread in earlier ZPs, I doubt you could "honestly review" anything even if you tried. Don't...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    So games need to be judged by comparing them to their predecessor. Considering Skyrim has predecessors, how come you still praised the shit out of it? Edit: He also calls them "reviews" now? Dear lord...
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    Poll: who won at E3?

    Well there have been better e3 in the past. But from what I've seen that far, I would say Nintendo. A lot of interesting games, remakes, new ideas and a great new handheld. I don't even know where to find time for all this stuff...
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    My experiences with MMORPGS ( warning, lots of text. )

    Pretty much everything in this post made sense, until... Really, I've never met a more obnoxious community in an MMO before. I also hated how you were forced to use a healer interface, which covered up 80% of your screen. While otheres had a clear view on what was going on, I was playing...
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    The Old Republic new trailer

    Well only one. But considering, that the best way to kill jedi/sith, is to catch them by suprise, it was an excellent choice :D
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    Poll: Warrior, Mage or Rogue?

    Mage. The only muscle I need is my brain. Alternative: A mix of mage and rouge.
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    The Old Republic new trailer

    It's amazing how cinematics can restore interest. I lost interest when some of the info about gameplay was revealed, how the skill systems would work, trinity etc. I might give it another chance again.
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    What do you think about the WII?

    I use my PC/laptop for indie games and rougelikes mostly. The Wii is for the "real" games. Since I have friends which keep me informed about past and upcoming games, I already have a list of games, which will keep me occupied for a long time. I really don't miss commercial PC games and...
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    So, I just played Morrowind after beating Oblivion; and...

    Wait until Deadra try to backstab you with two-handed katanas. Oblivion never sacred me, since I knew I could beat any monster easily. Difficulty scaling is a joke (even though i turned it all the way up).
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    Monster Hunter Tri

    Nope, it's like I said before . Same armor, same weapon. Barroth offline: 2 Barrel Bombs L+ (with bombardier), 50 water shots(rapid fired) Status: dead Barroth online, set for one player: 2 Barrel Bombs L+ (with bombardier), 60 water shots(rapid fired), 60 pellets shots lvl2, 60...
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    Monster Hunter Tri

    No, I mean I've been saeeting it on the number of people that actually where doing the quest. Still, even though I had weapons from the end of the single player campaign and have been hitting him sonstantly, Qurupeco took ages to take down. Maybe my friends haven't been doing any damage...
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    Monster Hunter Tri

    I've been doing that. Are you sure? Have you some official source on that?
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    An incredibly well done Dwarf Fortress illustrated story...If only I could understand this game

    You can dowload the gold plated version of this game. It uses the best looking tileset at the moment and you don't have to install anything manually. Here's the link to its thread:
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    Speculate about why a certain game doesn't 'click' for you.

    I agree. After playing its predecessors, both games have a bland taste to them. It really annoyed me, how RPGs were for "nerds" at the time of Morrowind (at least in my area). But after Oblivion came out, even all the former RPG haters were playing it, praising how "good" RPGs have become...
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    An incredibly well done Dwarf Fortress illustrated story...If only I could understand this game

    You could also read up "Boatmurdered", which is probably even slightly more epic. The fun I have with this game has basically gone through the roof, since the last update, where you can find enormous caverns underground, with its own wildlife, creatures and hidden fun stuff. Well there...