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    No Right Answer: Videogame Franchise that Needs to Die the Most

    I don't like either franchise mentioned here (I liked SA2 when I had it for the Gamecube, but haven't been back to it for years), so I wouldn't mind the death of either. However, never going to happen. Thing that really caught my attention, though, was The Avengers and Cabin in the Woods...
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    The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2012: Attack of the Super Monsters

    I'm thinking that it's her from Cruel Intentions. There's something in that movie about her character sleeping with her step-brother.
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 15

    Some things I missed in my first comment: I actually liked The Hunger Games books. They're not perfect, but they're perfectly good to read -- if anything, I might call them (especially the last one, Mockingjay) a bit too fast paced (seriously, every single chapter ends on a WHAM moment). The...
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 15

    I'll put a comment here when I've managed to listen to the entire thing. A real comment, and not just this placeholder. If I forget to, Chris, feel free to yell at me over Twitter. Also, remember when you guys naively thought that Media Sandwich's episodes would be under 1 hour? That lasted...
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    No Right Answer: Best Standup Comedian Ever

    For me, it's definitely Stephen Wright. Completely deadpan delivery of one-liners over and over again really works. They're never really stories, though they do all go together. What's particularly impressive is when he does tell a story with them, every single sentence of the story is funny...
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    Activision Defends Oliver North in Black Ops 2

    Using him as a consultant? That's perfectly understandable and doesn't really have any real problems with it -- he really would know his stuff and would be a great source of information. Now, using him in commercials trying to sell the game? That's when you start with the possibly unfortunate...
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    No Right Answer: Manliest Superhero Ever

    This comes to mind because I was just watching Atop the Fourth Wall last night, but Kyle should've done Linkara's "I'm a Man! *punch*" while Chris was drinking. I'm not even going to comment on the rest of the debate, since it was just them being trolls, but it was fun trolling.
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    BioShock's Creator Could Become One of TIME's Most Influential People

    Good, I'm not the only person who sees that. As for the nomination, sure, go right ahead. If he's the only game designer on the list, then go right ahead and vote for him -- we need our more influential people being recognized across all areas of the current culture.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Hunger Games

    Saw this last night at the midnight showing, had the additional context of having read the books. I feel like there were two movies here: a dramatic movie that worked well (Gary Ross is good at directing actors) and an action movie that just didn't work. The worst part is that the action...
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    Jagex Halts Stellar Dawn

    I thought that MechScape/Stellar Dawn development went back further than 2007, but maybe I just remember wrong. I am really interested in seeing what Jagex can do with an MMO that's not RuneScape since I've already seen so much of that and nothing else they've worked on has been successful...
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 6

    Mentioned this on Twitter, but I'll put this here too: have you thought of asking Linkara about being a guest on the podcast, trying to get a little more comics coverage in the podcast? Though, really, anyone from TGWTG would probably be good.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Phantom Menace 13 Years Later

    A few months ago I watched the entire series again from beginning to end, and I came to the same conclusion about the prequels: they weren't horrible, they were mediocre to average and the only reason they were hated is that they were part of Star Wars and didn't live up to that legacy. I...
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    George Lucas Says Greedo Always Shot First

    Probably just a publicity stunt. And he's a troll on some level:
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    The Big Picture: Oscars: The Grouse

    I will say that Jonah Hill is almost completely unrecognizable in Moneyball, mostly because the role was actually serious and he didn't do his normal semi-improv style because they had an Aaron Sorkin script to work with. He's admitted that he did this movie a lot differently because the script...
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    The Big Picture: Oscars: The Grouse

    I both like and hate the multiple part episodes. I like them because they're a lot more informative than the single part episodes can be, but I hate them for a week (or in the case of the Hollywood History series, three weeks) because I'm left wanting more. Any possibility of doing some longer...