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    Who are your favorite YouTube LPers?

    The LP's I watch in no particular order are, 1. Markiplier 2. Pewdiepie (please don't hate) 3. Game Grumps 4. Jerma985 I need to get back to watching TheBeerCake because he was the first LP I watched.
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    AMC The Walking Dead Spinoff Gets Pilot, Probably Zombies

    The reason why walkers are all over the place is that whoever dies, comes back as one without needing to be bitten by one. From what I can tell, the outbreak didn't start in one area, it was happening all over the world at once. In their universe, they don't have any knowledge of zombies because...
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    Battlefield Hardline - Does the game's subject matter bother you?

    I just see it as a videogame of cops vs robbers. The police do need a way to fight back the robbers that have militarized equipment. Won't be fair if the police team only have pistols, shotguns, and AR-15's while the robbers have Large Machine guns and RPG's. Just remember the most...