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    Ditching someone who friend zones you (Edited)

    Yeah, this exactly. It's possible for you to be romantically interested in someone right off that bat, for sure, but it's just never happened for me yet. I always have to know the person fairly well before any sort of true feelings develop. And a lot of the time, the other person doesn't feel...
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    Poll: Game of Thrones: Red Viper aftermath (no SPOILERS from the BOOK please)

    I really don't think Oberyn Martel would have played a role that was too interesting in the conflicts to come. He was too antagonistic to the Lannisters in their own turf for them to let him live or stay around for much longer, even if he had (especially if he had, actually) won against the...
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    To me Game of Thrones will never be the same (S4E8 discussion)

    ITT: People getting angry over someone dying in Game of Thrones. If you can't take the heat, get out of the frying pan. In all seriousness though, it's not really fair to judge based on the final moments of an episode that's not even close to being the finale of the season, though given...
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    Physical copies or digital copies?

    Space is a big concern for a lot of people. Not everyone has room for all of the CDs/whatever they want to have. I'd say anywhere from 75 to 80% of the music I have is digital-only, especially the indie stuff that's only released through that. And all of my PC games are digital except for The...
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    Poll: Getting a Nintendo 3DS soon. Standard or XL?

    This exactly. Besides the fact that it's incredibly bulky, the screen resolution is just the same as the original 3DS blown up, which makes the games look far worse. Overall, comfort is more important, so I recommend trying out both and going with what makes you feel the most comfortable, since...
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    Poll: Kill La Kill - Is it any good?

    First of all, I don't know how familiar you are with anime, but people have been saying Kill la Kill is "over-the-top" this whole thread. While this is definitely the case, don't get it confused with something completely nonsensical like "Bo Bo-Bo" or "Excel Saga" - the plot is clearly defined...
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    Why I am, very purposfully, not entering the Watch Dogs givaway

    I thought the reason was that you didn't wanna fill people's news feeds with advertisements for the game but I guess that's just me. Nah, that's a good reason, and I think that's mostly the reason people don't enter every competition they see, albeit with a less altruistic spin. If the payoff...
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    When Did A Series/Artist You Like Find It Groove?

    It does seem to be an unpopular opinion, at least from the more outspoken internet folk. My thoughts jump around a bit: Volition is far and away their best, and I like Fortress the least of any of them. Kezia is second best, and Scurrilous would be third IMO. I got a chance to interview Rody...
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    Podcast tips

    First of all, you have to stay focused and practice speaking. You don't wanna be saying "um" every five seconds, and you wanna be filling up every second with something entertaining, so make sure you speak in a lively manner. When you feel like you've exhausted one topic, don't keep rambling, go...
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    what is your favorite type of music to listen to while playing?

    I always listen to the game's soundtrack, unless it's a multiplayer shooter, and usually I'll just play whatever I've been listening to recently. I remember having a very positive experience playing Halo 4 to Disasterpiece's "Level" album, though.
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    Help me watch Adventure Time!

    Yes, at least the American iTunes and Amazon have all of the individual episodes available for purchase, and you can always buy a region free DVD player if you'd really like to watch seasons 2 and 3 early. I don't know how it is in Sweden but the American Cartoon Network also puts up a good...
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    Earworms and you

    Oh my god yes. Earworms are near constant for me. One in particular: (Surprised no one posted that yet)
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    Recommend me some hip-hop

    Death Grips is probably the best out there, if you can call the ramblings of a drunken hobo over weird beats "hip-hop". It's not everyone's thing, but I think it's amazing.
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    Poll: Well how did you feel about the Purple Wedding (GoT Spoilers)

    This right here. If it wasn't for the overwhelming evidence that Grandma Tyrell was the one that poisoned him (which would be a slight change from the books), I would say they did it =p I thought the dwarf scene was funny and appreciated the change from the book (what can I say, I am a...
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    Nickelodeon seems out of touch with animation these days

    I think Uncle Grandpa gets a lot of undeserved shit. It's a really funny show regardless of whether the main character sounds like he is constantly having a stroke. Anyway, I just don't think Nick has realized they can tap a duel market by making animation that's appealing to both kids and...