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    The Big Picture: Polarity Contest

    wat, what, WHAT! Bob is Back to the escapist!! Woop Woop!
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    Last person to reply wins!

    How y'all doing? Last time I posted here and specifically on this thread, was on 12 Jun 2010. Man this place has changed. Anyone wanna give me a tl;dr? xP
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    LoadingReadyRun: Dirty Money

    I'd so go, if I didnt live so far away :<
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    LoadingReadyRun: The New Chess

    That actually sounds fun to play. When will this become a thing?
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    No Right Answer: Best Animal Ever

    That was amazing! I completely agree! Lions are beast! Also happy birthday :D
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: A Tale of Two Poets

    I cried! Bloody Brilliant!
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    LoadingReadyRun: Wizard Chat

    So would one say that a wizard with a very big hat is compensating for something?
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    Feed Dump: Bert's Spider Shack

    For a brief second there I actually thought this was the last episode O_O
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    Escape to the Movies: Life of Pi

    That Calvin and Hobbes bit at the end made my day :D
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    The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2012: Orca

    The Orca-stral music in this sounds awesome!
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    Escape to the Movies: Taken 2

    That was an awesome intro. It made my day :D
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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Sucker Punch, Part Two

    That was a pretty awesome analysis. Made me like Sucker Punch even more :D
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 5

    That was good and I think a Portal 2 co-op lets play would be amazing :D
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    Helpful Old Lady Ruins 200-Year-Old Portrait

    LooooooooooL This made my day and possibly my week. Its these little things that makes life so fun and interesting :D
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    Jimquisition: EA versus Zynga - The Lesser of Two Evils

    That pedophile thing made me laugh hard and that was also a great Bane impersonation. :D Great points were made and I think you should sue them both!