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    Bravely Default Review - Damn Fine RPG

    But wouldn't the best course of action be to just buy the game and not use the micro-transactions? If you think about it from how the publishers will see it, if no one buys the games it was a bad game no one wanted; however if the game sells well but they make no money off the micro transactions...
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    Jimquisition: Copyright War

    The game publishers might not be the ones flagging the videos tho, Capcom has at least tweeted that they aren't make the claims and are looking into it...
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    So a black actor is considering role of Johnny Storm and nerdrage has turned racist again.

    The Playboy aspect is not why I don't think he can't be a girl, it was poor wording, player works better I guess. The point I was trying to make it that an older sister and younger brother have a different relationship than that of an older sister/younger sister duo. I honestly don't think...
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    So a black actor is considering role of Johnny Storm and nerdrage has turned racist again.

    It depends, to certain characters, their race is central to their back story and origin. Storm for example could never be white because of the fact that prof X found her in Kenya being praised as a goddess by the locals. Even tho her father was an American, her living in Africa is a huge part of...
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    So a black actor is considering role of Johnny Storm and nerdrage has turned racist again.

    Different situation completely, Johnny Storms defining characteristics is that he is Sue's younger brother and is arrogant, a trickster, and a playboy. Making him a black guy changes none of this while making him female would completely change his/her and Sues' relationship
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    Death By Boring

    What! How are Hip Hop Kung Fu movies an overused genre film?! Seriously I need like 10x more of those made yesterday.
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    Do "Nerds" Not Enjoy Sports, Or Just Not Mainstream Ones?

    I've been as sports fan and a gamer, for as long as I can remember. My Dad and older brother and cousins were always into sports so there's that, and I've been gaming since the 16 bit days, and collected comics books for a good amount of time, so I would say yes nerds do enjoy sports I also...
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    Your favorite alcoholic beverage

    This homie, I love rum to death, straight shots, mixed, w/e if its rum I'm good.I mean both of my parents are Caribbean, so i guess i didn't have much of a choice lol. I can also deal with whiskey and scotch, mostly cause they're closely related as far a alcohol goes(plus I hang with a bunch...
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    DoA Dev Says Jiggle Physics Are Part of Japanese Culture

    Now while that a valid point, it's kinda sexist in its own right. Why does the "idealised" female body have to ALWAYS be a male fantasy and nothing else? There are plenty of men who's preferred female body look nothing like that, and there are females who strive to look like that( and I mean in...
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    Ocarina of Time is... Kinda overated.

    The problem with OOT and FF7 and other games being "overrated" isn't because these games are bad, I feel the issue is with people saying left and right that one of those games is the "greatest game of all time" and other b/s. See once people start saying that and one other person can think...
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    Rumor: Assassin's Creed III Getting "Episodic" DLC

    I'm actually really down with this, because it feels like ubisoft has been listening to us, when everyone was groaning about another game with Ezio, now their switching to episodic dlc to solve that so the next disc release will be Assassin's Creed 4
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    Joss Whedon Stars in 5-Year-Old's Adorable Movie

    Great Vid, I lost it at Joss Whedon's face on the "10 hundred push up line" O man that was too prefect
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    Paramount Bags Rights to World War Z Game

    Its no doubt a marketing move and theres a good chance it'll suck, but world war z has some many set piece moments, that I'm pretty much hoping they grab a developer that at least tries to recreate those moments.
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    Paramount Bags Rights to World War Z Game

    Idk about the movie.. but as terrible as this first sounded to me, if the game is a prequel to the book, it might actually work. The actual war of World War Z from how the books make it out sounds epic, like Yonkers battle, the Europe and South Africa battles, The Chinese submarines etc. It...
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    Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man Join Forces

    Really excited about this, I love both games and haven't read Archie comics in a minute so I'm down. This also reminds me of a old flash movie I saw on newgrounds back in the game with megaman and sonic. I don't know how to embed ng movies so I'll just leave the link...