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    Persona 4 Arena Review

    Getting this!
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    Blue Rose of Illium

    Did we need the preaching page? I wasn't thinking about the ending, enjoying the comic for what it was, until it was mentioned -.-, I mean it's a sentiment I agree with but do we have to KEEP brining it up? Otherwise, yup, nice little comic, made me smile a bit because of what was achieved in...
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    Get Back Up

    And yes the comments made along with the trailer were bloody stupid.
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    Get Back Up

    good to get a female opinion, every other article I've read on this is males desperately trying to show how unchauvinistic they are, it all well and good us men trying to predict what females think about something, but we'll never get it right. Just as women will not be able to fully understand...
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    Behold the Next Generation of Final Fantasy

    totally disagree, XIII-2 was the best since IX in my opinion but yeah XIII was bad.
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    Diablo 3 Review

    This review hits the nail on the head for me. Good stuff :)
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    Diablo 3 Review

    Yet are people gonna whinge about how terrible the game is, despite not really changing that much from their beloved prequel? You're damn right they are! I'll admit, it's a little annoying that you have to level for you customisation (which is actually pretty huge when you do, since every move...
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    Square Enix Sued Over Kane and Lynch 2

    HA! That is all.
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    Fans Protest Tera's Censorship

    Not a big enough change to stop me playing tbh :P... I get to control a little pot bellied panda beaver thing, what's not to like? All though loads of blood would have made me laugh even more as the pot bellied panda beaver carves up his enemies :P
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    LoadingReadyRun: The 720th Degree

    Haven't watched LRR in months... I came back and very happy I did, very funny episode!
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    Mahalo: Street Fighter X Tekken - Best and Worst Characters

    Huh so they made one on my favourite Tekken characters the worst? Another reason not to get this game... But It's the DLC that really annoyed me. Shame since these are my two favourite fighters :(
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    Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Review

    Wow the effecting the single player is pretty annoying for me, since I don't have a wireless router for my Xbox or and Xbox live gold account :P, Maybe that two day trial will come in handy, been thinking of getting a wireless router for a while now, shame it's about £50 when I can get one for...
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

    Just Putting my 2 cents in here, played about 10 hours now and I have to say it isn't a little improved from XIII, it is greatly improved! The characters are actually likeable for the first time since X! (Except Tidus, he was lame) There are many things to keep you entertained, not just the...
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    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review

    Please video gaming critique do not go the way of theatre and describe everything as "organic"! I have had a four year hate affair with that word please don't extend it :P
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    Trailers: Soul Calibur V - Story Trailer

    Sadly not enjoyed this series for a while now, Soul Calibur I and II were brilliant but the recent instalments (especially IV) have been somewhat lacking. The main problem is the serious lack on content compared to the first two games and "story mode" in IV was terrible... also who wants to look...