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    World of WarCraft Zombie Epidemic.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people can either take the stance that a game is the coolest thing evah! then attack anyone who doesn't like it with the fervor of a cultist or to take the side of those who feel that they must heap hate upon anyone who likes a game they don't with equal...
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    An odd habit that I've noticed people do when playing an MMORPG - particularly amongst the haters.

    I agree with the poster to a degree. I honestly caught myself on that.. I would go in and play WoW by myself when my friends weren't on and it would be boring as hell for me. Partly because I don't really group up with other people I don't know often. When my friends were online, I tended to...
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    165: I'm a Barbie Girl, in a BarbieGirls World

    First, as to the censorship. Kids will always find a way to circumnavagate the system. The pre approved messages that don't allow for typing in custom chats is the only way to keep kids from saying exactly what they want. Next, why even point out that Mattel is pushing thir brand so hard or...
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    How Free is Too Free?

    Well, as for American reporters who come from a 'Free' country. I would like to know why they have freedom of speech when they are reporting from a different country? If they are no longer in America, why would the laws still apply? Also, the other side is that the reporters aren't the only...
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    Oooh! and Old Scratch is another word for the DEBBIL! Don't buy that mirror, man! It'll be possesed! hehe.
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    When did the magic die?

    I don't think it ever did with me. Not really. I just shifted my view on things a bit. Santa, the Easter Bunny (aka, Jesus killer), and the Tooth Fairy are all real. It's the whole world that helps to perpetuate these 'mythical' beings. WE make them real. Instead of seeing and living in the...
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    Going out to play

    No, we did not. I am in my 30s. My child is soon going to be 7. I don't know where you live, but the dangers of the world were far less in the late 70s, early 80s as they are now. Depending on your neighborhood, kids are safe only so far as you can see them. I grew up in a middle income home...
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    Most bizzare thing a fanboy called you?

    Nice. That was one of my favorite threads.
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    Pushing the limit of a game

    My brother made a one off comic several years ago to describe how we feel about gamers like that. It showed a kid infront of a TV that just said 'you are god'. What it meant is that far too many people play games and don't enjoy the game itself. They only enjoy it as a means to dominate...
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    The games behind the glass...

    I don't usually buy games at Wal-Mart, Target, etc, but my fiance does. What I have her do is note down any that look good then tell me so I can get her demos, review, etc.
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    Dead Rising - Is It worth It

    If you are that person who plays GTA mostly just to run about and have fun instead of doing the missions; it's for you. If you prefer to play through a story, meh. Although, I think I saw it at gamestop last weekend for less than $10, so for that price, yeah, totally worth it.
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    What would you call your child?

    So, do none of you actually have kids? I can't be the only parent on the Escapist... How about Damnit. Then you won't even have to remember their name when you are ready to dole out the beatings.
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    What did you do yesterday?

    I went to work as most of us do. Then, I conquered the world after fighting of nearly constant attacks from Ghandi and Abe Lincoln. After that, I went about taking over the universe only to be destroyed (I got better..) by a technologically and martially superior race of a-holes. After...
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    I am all for the legalization of many (fairly) harmless substances. I think they should be under the same laws as alcohol. Doing so could improve our economy and allow us to shift the funding spent busting pot heads toward stopping the spread of the really horrible drugs like crack and meth. On...
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    Vocabulary in today's youth

    I used to be a skater (or sk8r if you are annoying) so I tend to speak with lots of 'dude's and, when tired, sound like Ted (Theodore) Logan of Bill and Ted. Not quite in what I say so much as HOW I say. One of my most often used phrases is 'Wicked awesome!' which started as a joke on myself one...