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    How WW3 is going to happen

    WW3 is unlikely to happen. REason. Because after 2 of them, pretty much every country figured how to avoid them. Namely, do not allow yourself to bedragged into ssomeone'ese's war. That's sorta the key. Every country will likely let the two major combatants fight it out then, nick a few pieces...
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    Hot-take time: Fantasy is a dull genre

    The problem is they're all trying to live up rto consumer expectations. and consumer expectations are shaped by their experiences and sadly that means LOTR, Harry Potter, or Grimm. They're also basically just copying Witcher and Dragons Age, maybe Fable if any of them remember it. Plenty of...
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    Best female protagonists in gaming?

    It's not as small a number as you'd think. I'd have to say. Alis Landale from Phantasy STar.
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    Press Release - WoW Expansion, 'Battle For Azeroth,' Expected August 14

    Seriously? They did that? Ugh.. well it sticks to their trend of dumbing things down. Nuanced politics and the idea that there is no evil just differences is too complicated for the target audience that will spend a monthly subscription on WoW. It's not like players pay attention to the...
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    And this is why Animation is superior to Live Action. (New Images of Live Action Teen Titans show)

    WHy is animation better. Because you don't have to work around the physical characteristics of the actors. But seriously not even being able to spring for body paint on Beastboy and starfirre... that... that is a new degree of laziness. But seriously, there is a thing that many fail to...
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    The Official Trailer to Ilumination's Grinch...

    WoW. They probably got ol Teddy up to 300rpm with that one. Let's consider the simple truth. Modern film makers just do not get Dr. Seuss. They just want to borrow the sames and iconography to an extent but they have no understanding of the actual subject matter. How the Grinch Stole...
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    Oh no....The studio behind the Minions is doing their own Grinch movie :(

    Wow. so how many rpm's do you think ol teddy is clocking in that casket?
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    Why are today's cartoons more lighthearted?

    Actually you didn't. That would have been the 90's. Go watch Mighty Max and ExoSquad sometime. Not to mention Starship troopers. It's not that today's cartoons are lighthearted. It's just that they are all unigrade. I.e they don't have much variation. It's easier to go for the random-humor...
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    Poll: Season pass vs micro transaction vs loot boxes; Which one is SALVAGEABLE?

    All of them. None of them are inherently bad. They are all revenue tools and with any tool its a matter of how they are used. Many games did good on their season pass. At least the ones I've looked at.Borderlands for example. Microtransactions are the same. You pay for as much of the extra...
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    Do you still base your game purchases on whether Yahtzee recommends it?

    I watch him for laughs but yeah. he's a critic and his critique is based on his opinions and tastes. There are somethings he just doesn't like. I mean he dumps on Borderlands 1 & 2 but I thought those games were a great blast.
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    In what situation is it socially acceptable for a 20 year old to date a teenager?

    As long as the other person is of legal age, then it's fine. Though a general rule of thumb is, the age difference should be no more than 2 years.
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    Justice League - There Is No Justice Here

    Let's be honest. Once they mentioned reshoots, you knew that this was fuxed. I know some people thought. But WW. Here's the thing. WW wasn't a great movie. It was servicable, competant and just slightly above average. The problem is , slightly above average makes it a sghining diamond in the...
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    They are making a video game based movie with Rampage?!

    Not really. Rampage was basically a take on the Giant Monster destroys city B-MNovie trope of the time. Two of the monsters are an obvious King Kong and Godzilla ripoff.. SO basically this is just a giant monster movie that had so little faith in itself that it decided to borrow the branding of...
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    Villains who had a point

    Jafar from Aladdin. Agrabah was noted for being a thriving city, of prosperity and fairly peaceful one at that with strong diplomatic ties. Now look at the Sultan. Do you really think he had the brains to maintain such? Jafar was, if nothing else shown that while evil and power hungry he was not...
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    EA response is typical

    Gamers have been saying no to the games that have MTX they don't like. I said no to Battlefront and Shadow of War. There's no ethics involved here even. if you're selling a product you are free to sell it however you like. That's sellers right. Buyers have the right to refuse purchase. So people...