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    Games that have incomprehencible stories (Or at least ones you don't understand...)

    Metal Gear 1 and 2 are optional since Metal Gear Solid summarizes everything you need to know about them, but Peace Walker is definitely non-optional. Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain follow it directly, and it was so story-critical that it was originally marketed as Metal Gear Solid 5.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Antiquing

    Pretty sure it was to scorn them, especially since he offered a 10% discount on everything in the store for breaking stuff from Fairbank's Antiques.
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    Metal Gear Solid 5 E3 Trailer Re-Imagined With Metal Gear Solid 3

    Some scenes do seem to fit, and the music fits thematically, but the scenes that don't fit REALLY don't fit and kind of ruin the whole affair. The most blatant part would be the beginning, where the Snake Eater footage doesn't match up at all. Seeing trailers being recreated is fun because of...
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    New Adventure Time Game Will Take its Cues From Zelda

    The worst part about that is that the 3DS version seems to be restricted to singleplayer. Even if it DID had co-op though, the game itself is pretty bad. There's ever-present lag despite the environments looking like unfinished placeholders or versions from an early render pass, and the lack of...
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    New Adventure Time Game Will Take its Cues From Zelda

    Yeah, Adventure Time: HIKWYSOG was pretty good. I got the 3DS version, and I can say the 3D was handled quite well. Having flat layers of 2D sprites probably helped in developing the different levels of depth. As for the gameplay, it really does feel like a modern, better version of Zelda 2's...
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    Game mechanics you absolutely detest

    It's a mechanics issue that's compounded by a control issue. Basically every useful weapon or item in Skyward Sword is controlled using the WiiMotionPlus mechanics, ignoring the IR Sensor completely for things like pointing at the screen to select/shoot, and when the calibration tends to slip...
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    Study Shows Aggression From Video Games Linked to "Incompetence"

    I can attest to this. For instance, I never feel all that aggressive or angry in MGR: Revengeance (which is all about violence and action) unless I'm failing repeatedly at something, such as when trying to earn a No Damage S-Rank against Monsoon in Very Hard or Revengeance difficulty(his smoke...
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    The final Final Fantasy (will it ever be final?)

    I just hope they make it long enough to produce Final Fantasy XXVII, if only to make that joke poster in Deus Ex Human Revolution a reality.
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    The final Final Fantasy (will it ever be final?)

    Lightning as a character may be really popular (which means people apparently have shitty, shallow tastes in characters), but that doesn't mean the brand name as a whole isn't declining in relevance. For instance, the opening sales of Lightning Returns were only 18% of those of Final Fantasy...
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    Update: Minecraft Fan Film Wants $600,000 From Kickstarter

    This reads more like "We have an idea for our own movie, but we decided to set it in Minecraft because that's popular and will get us lots of attention and money without us having to worry about properly adapting anything." Color me cynical.
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    The Best Cult Games

    Yes, but Psychonauts ALSO had poor sales, which is why it's a cult game. If a game has poor critical reception and poor sales, it's just shit. If it has great critical acclaim and sells well within the target market, it's a success. Cult games are the ones that are generally praised by...
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    The Best Cult Games

    I'd say Etrian Odyssey is more of a niche series than a cult classic. The fact that it got 3 sequels and an enhanced remake of the first one shows that it's done more than well enough sales wise. The difficulty may keep many players out, but that's basically by design. It's made specifically for...
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Sales Are "Troubling," Analyst Says

    Yeah, I've known about the two-team process. It's Treyarch and Infinity Ward, right? Say what you will about the games themselves (not much of a fan myself), but that process seems to be working fairly well for them. Still results in another game each year, but at least they're generally more...
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Sales Are "Troubling," Analyst Says

    Well, if you milk the cow too much too quickly, it will run out of milk. It will produce more milk eventually, but you have to give it time. If, instead of pumping out yearly cookie-cutter installations, AAA developers released games on a slower cycle with more development time, we'd get the...
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    Have you ever avoided something you wanted due to critical response?

    For me, I went with Deadly Premonition not because everyone hated it, but because half of everyone hated it and the other half thought it was absolutely amazing. I knew it would make for a bizarre gem of a game, and I was not disappointed. In general though, if something is getting universally...