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    Please let Pokemon gracefully exit.

    Do you guys ever take the time to really think about how bad some of the generation 1 Pokemon actually were? Yes, there are now trash and ice cream Pokemon, but generation 1 had the entire Bellsprout tree, Gloom, Tangela, Mr. Mime, Lickitung, and Jynx, among others.. Seriously, all of those...
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    L.A. Noire Running Really Bad

    It's a really rushed and poorly optimized port. It's like Saints Row 2 and 3 but worse.
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    So, How Come You're Not Going to the Escapist Expo?

    Firstly, I hate expos. Second, I have no desire to meet any of the content creators or other members of the Escapist. I just come here for videos when I'm out of TV shows to watch.
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    Tomorrow I'm gonna do something stupid and pointless with little chance of success.

    I feel like this is stupid and pointless with little chance of success. I also don't see what the big deal is. It's just asking another girl out.
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    Best Fallout New Vegas DLC?

    Top two favorites were Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road. Honest Hearts had a beautiful setting and Joshua Graham was such a boss. Lonesome Road really felt like the end of the game and had some great set pieces.
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    How would you continue the Mass Effect universe? Spoilers

    So, let's say that the galaxy is rebuilding, right? They manage to get it back up to speed pretty fast, through some kind of convenient plot device, right? How do we step up the conflict now that the Reapers are done? Well, you don't have to. You just have to bring something new in...
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    Apple/Valve partnership in the works?

    It means Microsoft is about to pitch a fit and the world will get the iValve. Captcha: total shamble. Makes sense.
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    Poll: Meeting deadlines

    Last minute, usually the day before. I need the stress of an impending failure to push me to work. Coincidentally, I'm waiting out an assignment right now.
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    Poll: Okay, Angry Birds has become WAY too popular

    I couldn't possibly disagree with you more. Why is it even a bad thing to be "too" popular? It's fun and people like it. And the Angry Birds gummy candy is delicious.
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    How would you bring a non-gamer into gaming?

    I wouldn't try at all. Gaming is a hobby that lots of people enjoy, but not everyone. If they want to do it, they'll get into it themselves. If it's someone special, I can put down the controller and do something else with them.
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    Poll: Do you enjoy instrumental music?

    Absolutely. I listen to hip-hop and trip-hop instrumentals for doing homework and when I really need to wind down.
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    ME3 ending is it really that bad?

    Completely agree. I'm not sure why people think the endings were bad or what they're looking for in another DLC ending, but there was no better way to end the series in my opinion. No other ending has left me as touched as watching the synthesis ending in any game. It was beautiful and I...
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    Where have all the Escapists gone?

    I don't know anyone here and no one here knows me, but I've quit posting regularly recently because I just stopped caring. The community has stopped posting things I find relevant to my interests, so I left. I watch videos, maybe drop a comment, laugh at some of the more ignorant posts, and...
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    Poll: Should I get Fallout 3 or fallout new vegas?

    New Vegas is arguably the better of the two, but I fell in love so hard with Fallout 3 that I suggest it no matter what. You know what? Just get both. And all the DLC. Minus Dead Money and Mothership Zeta.
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    Your most disappointing game experiences

    This is strangely appropriate given that I just finished Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money and thought it was atrocious. Never ever combine enclosed areas based on the same texture with vision degrading mist, holograms that attack you on sight and can only be turned off one way, radios that...