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    What are you reading? What books have you got lined up?

    Juggling Stephen King's Under the Dome and Dean Koontz' The Taking. I'm loving both of them thus far, just finished What the Night Knows by Koontz and I loved that as well. Further, if you're in a King mood, I heartily recommend Duma Key.
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    Please pull up your pants good sir

    As a rule of thumb, you should keep an inmate as a pen pal, better if you can find a liferLifer: An inmate who will be in prison for the rest of his or her life, as they're more likely to write back. This way, you can keep up to date on all the latest happenings in the federal or state prison...
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    Please pull up your pants good sir

    I always get rather furious whenever I spot this "fashion", so please don't do this. I'd rather not be forced to angrily whisper in your direction, or hit you with a rolled up newspaper if I had one. You should congratulate yourself for a sense of decency most do not have. In fact, I'd...
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    Dad uses Facebook to teach daughter a lesson.

    I'm more upset at the ammo he wasted. Come on man, .45 hollowpoints? Those motherfuckers are expensive.
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    Unreasonable mother. Help?

    Honestly, at this point you're just best off ignoring her until you're 18, when you can move out on your own. If you need to get out your anger, consider writing it down or typing it out. Just be sure to get rid of it once you're done, you really don't want her finding that as a source of ammo...
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    Always had a selfcomplex

    Well, you definitely need to get more water or at least something liquid. If you can't stand the taste of waterWhich happened to a friend of mine who went on a diet, you could always either pick up some tea or one of those low calorie sweeteners. I would also recommend trying to pick up...
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    Always had a selfcomplex

    Sadly, I can't really help you with changing your state of mind, it's really almost impossibleAt least for me to do over the internet. I can suggest, however, that the first step on the road to fitness/acceptance of who you are is to focus less on how much you weigh, and more on how healthy...
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    Paypal = Background Check?

    It sounds really suspicious, but I wouldn't write them off just yet. Do some research of your own, try googling the company's name, as well as any other information you were given. By the way, you may have just misread them, as many authentic background checking websites allow paypal as a...
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    Girl Friend wants me to share her

    My former neighbors had a story very similar to yours. They'd been married for about.. 7 months or so, the husband isn't happy with their sex life so he basically forces her to accept an "Open" relationship, which ended up meaning him running around screwing women at random. Eventually he...
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    What in the world is up with my computer?

    Apparently Windows XP automatically restarts without warning in the event of system failure. Good luck.
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    Why do we put up with trolls and assholes? (PSN, XBL, and Online gaming in general)

    Well, no, I didn't realize. I don't read that much into the exact words people use, but thanks for clearing that up. People DO usually do things, you just don't see them. Whenever some moron jumps in game and starts acting like a tit, I just mute him/her and go on my merry way. No...
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    Why do we put up with trolls and assholes? (PSN, XBL, and Online gaming in general)

    Because it's impossible to tell others what to do or how to behave. Further, it's impossible telling between "Trolls"I detest that word, for it's frequently used for those who don't agree with a certain person. That being said, imagining that everyone who annoys me is a fat green dwarf sitting...
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    Poll: What is your favorite RTS and what makes it good?

    Not sure what is my favorite, but the entire Company of Heroes series was good, as was Command and Conquer Generals and of course the Dawn of War series.
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    Behold the Skyrim Online Mod

    I'll download it if it has co-op.
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    BioWare Tackles Strategy with Command & Conquer Generals 2

    The only things needed to fix Origin, in my opinion, is the firing mostIf not all of the support staff, fix all the bugs with purchasingGetting charged 2 or 3 times for one game sure is fun, right? and make the forums and your games separate entities. It's pretty fucking moronic that someone...