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    4chan, so evil they wish WWII vets happy birthday....

    They still are. Doesn't mean they're all heartless bastards. It's just an imageboard guys.
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    4chan, so evil they wish WWII vets happy birthday....

    4chan might be full of social deviants but they don't stand for faggotry. They do nice shit pretty often. No one hears about it because it's not news worthy. Just check it out for yourself.
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    Guild Wars 2: Redifining MMORPGs?

    There, I bolded the retarded part of that sentence. WoW looks like shit.
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    The World's LEAST hated video game developer

    Whoever made Robot Unicorn Attack. /thread
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    Who is your favorite Starcraft 2 unit personality wise?

    Marauder. I just love that tone of voice in a black man.
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    Starcraft 2 Prophecy mission. How many did you kill?

    The Phoenix's gravitation beam thingy is invaluable in locking down both types of hybrids. I had shit for defense and lasted until 2300 because of Phoenix's.
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    On Kinect and PlayStation Move

    Yahtzee tries so hard to be funny these days.
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    Way to be a killjoy mate. I FOR ONE SUPPORT THIS DAY WHOLEHEARTEDLY.
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    Paused #4

    This doesn't come out often enough. Wait a week, hope it's good, then get letdown. yay...
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    Ecology of Pokemon

    It's a cartoon about animals that are stored in tiny balls. Realism isn't a strong point and whatever they eat is whatever your imagination brings up. Does it really matter when realism isn't important?
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    (PC Gamers)Should I upgrade to Windows 7?

    There is no reason why you shouldn't have 7. 7 is superior in every way. (I don't really know what I'm talking about, I just really like 7!)
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    Poll: If you had to choose between Starcraft 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, which would you choose?

    Really, there's more votes for Fallout than Starcraft? What is wrong with you people!?
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    Poll: Who Among Us Uses Steam?

    Steam is awesome. Do I want to play a game? Fire up Steam and pick one of the many Steam and non-Steam games that run through Steam. Also, Steam.
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    Poll: Have you preordered Starcraft 2?

    I work at EB Games, so I'm definitely going to twist my bosses arm and allow me grab my copy of the game a few hours before the midnight launch (lines suck).
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    Oh hey, common sense, nice to meet you.