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    what movie to see

    I went to see ParaNorman last night. Thats a fantastic film, I highly recommend it! :D
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    Have you/family member/friend etc, ever suffered from a mental illness?

    Though I've never been to a doctor about it, I'm pretty sure I suffer from social anxiety (not entirely to a physical extreme, but its strong enough for the obsessive avoidative behaviour to be very strongly prevalent. I'm working on it though with some CBT theory and I'm improving a little here...
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    Your Talent

    I'm not really talented at anything sadly... :( I'm working on improving my drawing a little, and I can write a little, though I really want to be a Game Designer more than anything. I just wish I had some natural ability. Something to focus on. Sometimes imagination isn't really enough...
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    I've Become Everything I've Ever Hated.

    I'll admit I've grown a slight like for tea as well. Definately grab a hot chocolate on the go though. I like mine big, with whipped cream and lots of sprinkles! (Its how a MAN drinks it! XD)
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    LoadingReadyRun: Fairy Godparent

    This is a freaky co-incidence. I bought Labyrinth on Blu-ray the other day and I'm seeing it everywhere.
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    Red Dwarf!

    Yes! Yes! YES! YESSSSS!!!!!! :D
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    Poll: What color eyes do you want to have?

    I wouldn't mind giving a dark brown a go for a while. As much as I love my baby blues, I think they make me out to be too cutesy and bubbly sometimes. (I'm an introvert... -_-)
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    Who do you care about deeply?

    Immediate family, best friend, and my ridiculously loyal and cuddly 14 year old cat. (Seriously this cat follows me around the house all the time, and acts like a kitten around me. Last night he had his tongue out, purring away like he cared about nothing else. Nuzzling my arm which he only...
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    Poll: Father in rural Germany finds his young son likes to wear dresses; does the same to show solidarity.

    I don't know, I think in the long run I would prefer a father that stood up for the stuff I liked, no matter how stupid it may look, then one that constantly tries to pidgeon hole me into what society sees as acceptable. (Yeah, my old man used to be like that. A lot. I was an emotional child...
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    Poll: Father in rural Germany finds his young son likes to wear dresses; does the same to show solidarity.

    I think if I wore a dress I'd be very self-concious about it. XD (I mean, I might do it for fun privately to entertain a ladyfriend but in public? Nooooooooo....) But I say let the kid have his fun. Nothing wrong with liking women's clothing. I personally like how simplistic yet bold it...
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    Poll: Working in Retail/Customer Service

    Beep Boop BEEP BOOP I AM A ROBOT! XD My current Saturday job is in retail, and I don't mind it. It pays decently, and its easy work you can mostly go autopilot on if you don't feel up for a conversation. It helps one to develop their small talk, which to some people, (like myself)...
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    Poll: How much older is too old?

    Hmm.. As a 21 year old guy, I'd say between 18-28, depending on a lot of factors, though preferable the age range would be say 20-25. (I'm pretty "generation"-less so I think I'd get on with older women well, (since I have a decent knowledge of 80s stuff as well)). Though to be honest, I...
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    Flirting for Fun and Profit

    I don't usually have this problem because I am invisible. No seriously I've been invisible for about three years now. I've been looking for a cure and everything, and its driving me crazy. Covering myself up in the blood of my victims usually helps me get noticed, but not in the way I...
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    Colourful Games

    El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
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    Is this wrong?

    I want Retro City Rampage. No. I NEED Retro City Rampage!!!