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    What the heck is "angst"?

    It's hard to explain but the way people use it is to describe doing something because youre a teenager and it's more or less your job to piss of people and being angry and confused. That's at least what I consider it. And probably why I listen to Say Anything...
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    Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Confusion

    Ah bastards... Well I still wanna watch it...
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    Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Confusion

    Yeah but it supposedly wraps up the story so I kind of need to watch it just because. Even if it doesn't fully do that I still want to watch it due to the continuation. The end of the show just left me wanting more.
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    Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Confusion

    Alright thanks! If the dialouge is totally different or even most different then I'll be fine watching it again. Guess I have to give it a shot now! First the movie though....
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    Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Confusion

    So Im incredibly confused about what Brotherhood is. I just watched FMA (Yes Im late to the party but that's not the point) I was excited cause I thought that FMAB was going to be new stuff but after researching some it is said to be more or less the same thing but following the manga more...
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    Escapists First Jobs

    Probably the people. I work there now and it's the only reason I like the work there. The people are awesome, including my managers.
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    Poll: Should Nintendo Stop Making Consoles?

    I have to agree I wouldn't buy any nintendo console ever again. The only thing theyre good for is for party games. And I have a kinect so I'm good on that.
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    Google's Chrome Browser Used More Than Firefox

    You come here and pretty much call everyone here idiots and I have a lot of nerve? No one said that this is the single most shocking peace to ever come about but it is regardless, NEWS!
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    Google's Chrome Browser Used More Than Firefox This is why its news jackass.
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    I don't understand what people find so attractive about women. What is it and why?

    It's okay the music was inside of you the whole time! Whoop Nevermind YOURE BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD!
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    Consented Canabalism - be warned because its far worse than it sounds - seriously its really creepy

    woah...thats messed up! I cant even fathom that desire seriously. But to be fair I mean....they both agreed to it so no crime in my eyes was done. Its hard to say that though.
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    A second chance

    Start working out. No girl wants to be more than just friends with the awkward fat kid.
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    Drink Driving Commercial

    Well to be fair Im and American and I dont think Ive EVER had to deal with a New Zealand accent before. But I still feel it was really thick. If it wont be shown in the US though then I doubt it matters much.
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    I need some good jokes

    Ill admit I laughed my ass off at this.
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    Do you have a problem urinating near other people?

    I really dont care at all. I piss and move on with my life. Though I do understand why some people can get stage fright