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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

    I love these Star Wars ones. These are by far your best. Keep it up Yahtzee!
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    Cliffy B Turned Down Offer From Hideo Kojima to Work on Silent Hill(s)

    Man, people love to hate on this guy, but he really brought some great games forth. Kinda sad to just see people jump on board of a hate train for him. He sounds like a great guy anytime I've ever read about him. He just has this down to earth kinda feel in terms of being real with who he is...
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    Pocket Mortys Review - We Gotta Catch 'Em All Morty!

    Perfect. Needed something to kill time at work. If they made a game like Stick of Truth, I think I'd die. Need that in my life.
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    Schwarzenegger Gets Dramatic in New Zombie Flick Trailer

    Looks pretty cool to me.
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    Hatred Rated Adults Only by the ESRB

    Well...yeah, I mean you're killing innocent people in gruesome ways with little to no reasoning behind it. I can see why it's getting an AO rating.
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    The Walking Dead "Slabtown" - The Sound Of The Police

    This episode sucked honestly. I was so bored within 15 minutes. "We saved you so you owe us, don't go out there. Why don't you like it here?" This conversation was had at least 4 times in the same damn episode. WE GET IT. Beth is a bad actress, and after everything we've seen her go through...
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    Why Mr. X is Resident Evil at Its Finest (And Why Nemesis Kind of Sucks)

    Subtlety and being beaten to a pulp with fists...I don't really think his appearances or actions are all that subtle.
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    Best Legitimately Funny Video Games

    No Armed And Dangerous? =(
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    8 Good Reasons To Dust Off Your PS2

    Stop. For the love of God, stop with these lists. Who on the escapist approved of these?
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    Pokémon Animation Coming to Netflix March 1

    Dear God no. I won't be spoiling my fond memories of that show anytime soon thank you very much.
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    The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4 Episode 11 "Claimed"

    Umm...That guy was breathing that was on the floor. He didn't kill him, just knocked him out.
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    Sonic Boom, Sega's Upcoming Wii U/3DS Sonic Title, Revealed

    Blue armed sonic is creepy sonic.
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    8 of the Best Disney Movies Released

    These lists are always ridiculous. There is a reason movie's like The Lion King or Aladdin are touted around as being amazing...because they ARE. To put something like Frozen or Robin Hood on here is...just silly.
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    Escape to the Movies: I, Frankenstein

    I never really knew Van Helsing was so hated...Jeez.