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    Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy sentenced to prison.

    Good for him. 3 years in a can is tame for historical french standards.
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    Your "What were they thinking." Moment while you were playing a game.

    They tried. But all they could say was "Yes", "Yes(but sarcastic)", "No" and "Bye".
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    Biden still locks kids in cages

    It also "somewhat" exposed them to being victims of human trafficking and abuse(also from other kids), because of the lack of parental oversight, and guards either not caring, or participating in the abuses themselves.
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    Has Houseman been banned?

    Well, for me, he stopped being worth "debating" when he went on a rant that elections should be held by the military. When someone constantly carries water for fascist solutions like, does it matter if they do it for "the sake of it", or out of genuine believes? I don't think you try to...
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    CPEC Is off to a fine start

    It's fine, it was just a Midsommar reference.
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    Games that are bad (or everyone else hates) that you like.

    Splinter Cell: ConViction - After Double Agent which(atleast on PC) was terrible, i expected nothing but the franchise going down the drain. But lo behold, Conviction, while feeling different from traditional SCs, was probably the best Bourne Simulator i played. And a quite fun stealth game on...
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    a Brazilian female Esports player murdered by a male Esports player

    I seriously need to look up possible research works on that topic.
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    Free Adventure Games: first come, first serve

    I'd take Monkey Island off your hands, please.
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    To reduce carjackings Illinois state representative wants to ban GTA and other violent games

    This takes me back... If there's one good thing about R* being the nearly billion dollar gaming hegemon that it is, it's GTA taking it periodically for the team as the Bad Boy of video games. You know, instead of those much more violent, but much less recognizable games out there. Still...
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    Zack Snyder’s Justice League

    Member when Marilyn Manson was cool? Also, i wonder how Zack(or rather his fans) will try to justify having two Christ-like figures in the movie.
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    'Walking While Black?': Shocking Video Has Police Under Fire For killing Unarmed Black Man

    Generally "good cops" either quit, or end up being fucked over by their "bad cop" partners, seems to be a pattern.
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    TikTok conspiracy theorists claim Texas' snow is fake

    This is just a dumber facet of climate change denialism. Have i mentioned how much i love social media? šŸ˜¬
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    We need to talk about feet.

    All's in jest. I don't find feet attractive as much as i find legs as a whole attractive, if you get me. Thighs etc. I think foot fetish is really vanilla, compared to all the other stuff out there. I don't really have much more to say about it.