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    Words/phrases that piss you off

    I'm not a fan of most superfluities but the phrase 'in any way, shape or form' really grates on me; often because used out of context.
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    Dark Souls Director Solves Pendant Mystery

    I reckon there is a reason for 'The Pendant', or rather was, but then the DLC was released to make money and it's meaning was perverted.
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    Dark Souls Claims a Million Sales in the West

    Demon's Souls was significantly harder. I have found Dark Souls relatively easy because of that experience (aside from being invaded by players who are clearly on a second play through new build character).
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    GameStop Says The Last Guardian is Canceled; Sony Says No - UPDATED

    Wow, I cancel my EDGE subscription and take a break from Escapist and the world collapses. Thank God it's not being cancelled. Now, hopefully it will remain the game we expect even with the missing pieces.
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    Bethesda Working On Fix For Skyrim 360 Glitch

    "Upstairs for thinking. Downstairs for dancing." I too am going to wait. I have so many games to play there's no need to buy at a premium.
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    Bethesda Working On Fix For Skyrim 360 Glitch

    It will also be discounted by then. Shrewd moves my man.
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    Demon's Souls Servers Will Last a Little Longer

    What maintenance does it really need to keep a server up? Am I being thick? Couldn't they farm it out to some crazy fanboy to have in his shed?
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    Madden NFL 12 Review

    I like that all the players are up to date. I don't think the skin tones are that great though. Most shades of don't seem dark enough with the players seeming washed out or pasty.
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    Sony Lifts One to Michael in Awesome PS3 Ad

    Brilliant. We should see these ads on TV.
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    Portal Lead Designer Reveals Her New Game: Quantum Conundrum

    Yeah, I'm pretty excited for this. The flow isn't as quick as Portal.
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    What's the last physical copy of a game you bought?

    Me too. Got the Black Phantom edition. I'm all about the physical... that sounds a bit creepy
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    Microsoft Doesn't Want Sony's Sloppy Seconds

    Didn't stop them when both Nintendo and Sony passed on Kinect technology
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    Hardest dificulties that are ACTUALLY BLOODY HARD!

    Last time this question was posed a lot of people mentioned 'I wanna be the Guy'. Haven't played it but saw some videos... Damn.
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    Hardest dificulties that are ACTUALLY BLOODY HARD!

    These weren't hard compared to some other games. If you careful you could complete without saving. Quake III arena on Nightmare. Could get off the first level. Doom 1 or 2 on Nightmare. Oh My God!!
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    Sony Admits The Last Guardian Taking Longer Than Expected

    Ready whenever they are. If the delay makes a better game it's all good. Team ICO could bring in some dev help to expedite the process.